Car talk / show and tell club. :)

Hello, I’m interested to hear from fellow electards what cars they like, own, owned, drive daily, or will buy and drive when moon. :slight_smile:


When moon, I’ll be developing a retrieval space ship to go get Elon Musk’s space Telsa.


I’ve owned some interesting cars.

My current daily and home from home.

1999 vw t4 lwb 2.5tdi panel van. Converted.


That guy is having an absolute ball, love him! lol
He has the potential to be a bit Howard Hughes.

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If moon I’d keep it low key still but would probably import a double unicorn stagea.
Not as crazy as the mcm awd v8 build.
Just stock with mods would be perfect.

I had this Nissan at in the last days of my 20’s… miss it. My daughter made the boys longeyed when i put here off at school😄.
It was tuned. 380Hp on the wheels, 410Hp engine. S15 new engine.
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:heart: :clap: wooaa what a lucky girl! :slight_smile:

In my late 20’s I had a 1980’s skoda rapid 136.
Tuned a bit, lowered, classy alloys. Black windows, metallic blue. It was known as the poor mans Porsche in former Czechoslovakia! Engine and drive in the back! Every guy wanted one! :slight_smile:


Remember those! Cool cars.!
My first car, was my brothers Bmw 316 me and my friends stole after a vorspiel, and took for a rallycross up on a Forestroad. Was 17teen. Had to buy it after i made some scratches… :smile:


lol my cousin had an old 318 black on black with leather trim he ‘bought’ from his dad. We had some great adventures in that! (Sideways) We called her black Betty! Ended up being ‘taken’ for a claim. :slight_smile:

Not the only with some small youth fun, i guess, lol…
License age here is 18. Hehe
Outta hearts :heart:

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17 here for cars, 16 for small motorbikes. Thought it was 14 for strange 3 wheel cars. ( robin reliant ) :slight_smile: seems like they changed it to 16.

Its 20 for Trailer/truck, 18 for cars, Spiritus, beer and die in combat, 16 Tractor, Atv, Scooter etc, 14 for homemade moonshine…:smile:


I hope more will come join us here in time.
We are now a club of only 3 so far. Early days!
I think this will be the last days of slow car club.


Hope so.:blush:, some of the US must have car story. Its land of the car. @Tanwax strange if he doesnt have a story here

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Have you seen the mcm2 channel on YouTube? I like those guys. Its weird seeing them evolve. Found them about 8 years ago. A while after they got going. They’ve achieved so much and worked on some amazing projects. :slight_smile:

We got Ozzie’s in FTDC right? Invite them over.

Have mentioned, we had a Pm while i was mute.

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But, cant you name yourself​:tired_face::exploding_head:

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Had an idea when I first joined here that in future assigned names will end one day. And those that kept it will be rare. I’m beginning to think that won’t happen. But still like it nevertheless. :slight_smile: I’m @3bab easy… :slight_smile:

Yeh, i just think of Kebab :smile:

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