Car talk / show and tell club. :)


I love 4x4s , had many over the years

I’m now stuck with a Nissan Juke …


1.5dci tekna it’s ok , good on fuel sporty

I want one of these , really badly…

I want all the black trimmings on … mmmmmmm

A bit like this


Just the thing for the weekend duckhunting expedition!
Nothing wrong with your vehicle at the moment Chris.
Im sure its well suited to your current needs


It is but I do miss the 4x4 , especially driving in kielder forest …

Love it … I can still do forest drives but it’s not as fun as off road lol


Every day I’m Jeepin’ it!

Daily Cherokee. Not my ideal ride, but it gets the job done. Hard to justify a full size truck for daily commuting needs. Would still be driving our old Grand Cherokee if it didn’t start nickle and diming us to death. It had options this one doesn’t!


Best sleeper clip, featured in many 'like a boss’s


I’ve been neglecting this club a bit…

Still I made another, to see interest. :slight_smile:


I need to fix my old trucks 547863_774767522539180_541201969_n 734479_781726991843233_1820898186_n 1453352_774767479205851_1039779966_n 1463522_781726758509923_1048200003_n 1463924_641574579228133_1707738950_n


A bit of polish and they’ll be just fine!


Is that a Detroit diesel or GMC ? :slight_smile: :heart:


Pretty sweet, yes you do!

What are you thinking about doing for beds? Flatbed? Fire truck? Toy hauler?


It is a 1939 Dodge I found it in the woods on my property the loggers left it here in the 1970’s1451597_774767372539195_1928343091_n


I also have this 1946 Dodge to make in to a RAT ROD I found this one in a Barn

1549415_825520297463902_1985805763_n 1798187_825522854130313_357041125_n 815278453_2883743070_0


If I had to spend 200k on a super car.


Just a heads up if you are in the UK or can get UK TV that Top Gear is back on Sunday, combine that with the Grand Tour each Friday and bosh, two hours of car TV, remember to kick out the wife and kids if you have them and have cold beer at the ready! :fist:


*EDIT. Or kick out the husband and kids.


Awesome, forget the typical barn find!

The camp I work for in Alaska was a gold mining operation from the 20s until the 50s. When they were done, they just left everything. Nature took over and you can’t see much from the air anymore. You can hike for miles around finding old mining equipment still.


I’d love that. Treasure hunting. I’m quite envious of @Tanwax pictures, it would be so cool to walk along and go…Whoa! What’s that?


So far, all I’ve found around my property is junk. But all depends on how you repurpose that junk. Old deck boards have been turned into ground blinds, a firewood rack and garden bed edging.

Still looking for a use for that pool ladder.

My “Whoa, what’s that?” is usually with animals, good fun too.


I used to have a Victorian house, When I was renovating the garden I found the remains of an old bomb shelter. Made me laugh, it had rusted to hell and to be fair wouldn’t have stopped a cherry bomb! Still at least they were trying.