Can you please help us translate our latest push notification in to your local language?

Hi Everyone

AnyTask is going from strength to strength and we’ve just got some Facebook ads live to start working out which ads to ramp up next week to bring in buyers! We have over 1200 tasks live!

Next week is a big one - with some big news on where you can spend ETN! I won’t give the full country list here but I have a personal request if anyone has the native skills to help…

We want to let more users know how they can earn and use their ETN in their country. With AnyTask ensuring those who are unbanked are included in the digital freelancer revolution, we want to remind them to get involved and show them how they can use their ETN to buy more minutes and data from their mobile network provider.

And that’s where you come in!

We are going to be letting our app users know that they can earn and spend ETN, but we want to set ourselves the challenge of letting as many users know in their local language, as possible. And to do that, we need the help of our community! Below is the message we want to send out and if you’d like to help us share the news in your local language, simply comment and let us know what the translation is in your country (along with which language it is in). Of course, we could use Google Translate for this, but we want to make sure it’s accurate, so if you’re not 100% sure that your translation is right, we ask that you resist sending it to us! Of course we can use an agency - but our agency is bogged down with our website updates coming next week and the platform translations! We have also put this out to our awesome AnyTaskers via so we will see how it compares!

Here’s the content from the push notification we want to send…

Earn more ETN with
Spend ETN on minutes and data packages for your mobile network, through the Electroneum app. Find out more here!

We are aiming to send a push notification to app users around the world, we have many exciting new countries to launch in - some of which you’ll be able to guess from the language list… but lots of surprises in store too…

Here’s the languages we’re aiming for (for next week - deadline Monday 24th)

Brazilian Portuguese & Turkish (yes we’re already live with TopUp - but can’t hurt to let them know about AnyTask!)
Standard Spanish

Thanks for helping to continue making ETN a great success! 2020 is going to be very exciting!

have a great day everyone!





Shared on Twitter, exciting news!


This is a brilliant idea Richard - use the community you have to help make the launches as successful as possible


In Thai,

รับ ETN เพิ่ม กับ
ใช้ ETN เพื่อเติมค่าโทรและเน็ตมือถือของท่าน ผ่านแอป Electroneum อ่านเพิ่มเติมได้ที่นี่!


Welcome to the community @user21 … thankyou :clap::clap::clap::clap::+1:


Welcome @user21! :grin:

Nice translation, you beat me to it! :+1:
(Well not me personally, I reached out to a contact. :crazy_face:)

EDIT: My contact confirmed that the above translation is correct. Wasn’t doubting, just confirming. :+1:


Put a message out for a translation in Spanish with a Central American dialect as well. i.e. Guatemala, El Salvador


Hi richard, just to clarify.

Filipino- only 1 p
And it’s not the name of the language, that is the name of the people.
Tagalog is the national language and heaps more of dialects.



My girlfriend kindly translated it to Hungarian for whenever you may need It:

Keress több ETN-t az oldalon. Költsd ETN-ed mobil percekre és adatforgalomra az Electroneum app-on keresztül. Klikk ide további infóért!


" Castiga mai mult ETN cu ajutorul (
ETN-ul castigat il poti folosi pentru cumpararea de minute si net in reteaua ta de telefonie mobila folosind aplicatia Electroneum.
Afla mai multe aici "
Just to be fair the Romanian market is one of a kind since the mobile subscription it’s very cheap here most of the people ( over 60% ) use a subscription-based plan instead of a prepaid one.
I personally have a 3 USD subscription plan and I have never reached its limits.
Trying to give me minutes and data will be like selling ice to an Eskimo
Just my 2 cents


You get here first. :slightly_smiling_face:. Or this?

Castiga mai mult etn cu anytask

Cheltuieste etn pe minutr si pachete de date pentru reteaua ta mobila prin app electroneum. Afla mai multe aici


In language moon
Ahahahha jsjsjjsjs shhahhajs sjsjsjs shshs suusujbdusos ndjshj mckspso ndosksk odiosi posso moon moon soon etn


Please note that Tagalog is used in Manila and Cebuano in Cebu, the two largest islands in Philippines


Kumita ng mas maraming pang ETN sa pamamagitan ng
Anytask. com. Gamit ang ETN mo pwede ka ng mag top up sa mobile phone network mo sa ilang minuto lang, sa pamamagitan ng Electroneum app. Alamin kung paano gawin dito!


Mas mokita pa gyud ka ug daghan pang ETN pinaagi sa AnyTask. com . Sa pila ka minuto lang gamit ang imong ETN pwede na ka mag top up sa imong mobile phone network, pinaagi sa Electroneum app. Studyuhi kung unsaon diri!

My wife is filipino, from RickLB :slight_smile:


You’re on Vodafone yea?

Welcome to the community forum , thank you for clarifying :+1:

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Digi 20 char…

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About the translation, I’m guessing electoneum are looking the way people would normally type or write. Without all the correct special characters yea? Small correction here:

What about this…

" Castiga mai mult ETN cu ajutorul
ETN-ul castigat il poti folosi pentru a cumpara minute si net in reteaua ta de telefonie mobila folosind aplicatia Electroneum.
Afla mai multe aici "

I’m still wondering what the deal was with buybackmobileRO and Ticket machine. :wink:

All my best to help… @ETNCEO

In Portuguese (translated by my Portuguese flatmate)

“Ganha mais ETN com
Gasta ETN em pacotes de minutos e dados móveis na tua rede móvel, através da Electroneum app. Descobre mais aqui!”

In Ukrainian: (my Ukrainian friend translated)

"Заробляйте більше ETN за допомогою
Витрачайте ETN на хвилини та пакети даних для своєї мобільної мережі через Electroneum. Дізнайтеся більше тут! "

In Russian: (translated by Ukrainian friend)

"Зарабатывайте больше ETN с
Тратьте ETN на минуты и пакеты данных для вашей мобильной сети через приложение Electroneum. Узнайте больше здесь! "

In Polish: (by me) :joy:

“Zarób więcej ETN dzięki
Wydaj ETN na minuty i pakiety internetowe w twojej sieci komórkowej za pośrednictwem aplikacji Electroneum. Dowiedz się więcej tutaj!”

In Vietnamise: (translated by Vietnamise friend)

Sưu tầm thêm nhiều ETN hơn cùng Sử dụng ETN cho các cuộc gọi và các gói data cho nhà mạng điện thoại của bạn, thông qua ứng dụng Electroneum. Hãy tìm hiểu thêm ở đây!

In Slovakian: (translate by Slovakian friend)

Zarobte viac ETN s minútami a dátovými balíčkami pre svoju mobilnú sieť prostredníctvom Electroneum aplikácie . Pozrite ďalšie infomácie tu!

In Lithuanian language (translate by Lithuanian friend)

Uždirbkite daugiau ETN naudodami „
Išleiskite ETN minutėms ir duomenų paketams mobiliajame tinkle per programą „Electroneum“. Sužinokite daugiau čia!

In Nepelese language: (translated by Nepelese friend)

सुबर्ण अवसर!!
ANYTASK.COM प्रयोग गरी ज्यादा ETN कमाऔं।
मोबाइलको मिनेट र डाटाको लागि THE ELECTRONEUM APP मार्फत ETN को प्रयोग गरौं।

अधिक जानकारीको लागि याहा पढ्नुहोला ।

One more :grin:

In Sinhala language (Sri Lanka): (translated by friend from Sri Lanka)

අමතර උපයන්න ETN,
සමග එක්වන්න.
ඔබගේ ජංගම දුරකතන ජාලයේ පැකේජය මිනිත්තු හා දත්ත වියදම් කරන්න ETN මත හරහා
අමතර තොරතුරු සදහා පිවිසෙන්න මෙතනින්



Filipino (Tagalog )
Kumita Ng etn SA pamamagitan Ng anytask(.)com , gamitn ang ETN SA pag bili ng minutes and data packages para sa iyong mobile network SA pamamagitan Ng electroneum app ,alamin Kung pano gawin Dito

Earn more ETN with [AnyTaskcom
Spend ETN on minutes and data packages for your mobile network, through the Electroneum app. Find out more here!

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