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Hi @everyone,

I’m an ETN enthusiast from the Philippines since this coin started, I have formed a group that religiously do the routine of mobile mining and inviting friends and promoting ETN here in our country in our very simple way. I hope that Electroneum Ltd. could integrate ETN to our country’s telco companies and crypto-related companies like Coins.ph, Buybitcoin.ph, and Rebit.ph.

More power to ETN and to all the brilliant people behind it.


Welcome to the forum! I think ETN might be going live in your country soon.


Awesome! AnyTask really is something big. This platform keeps the fire burning for ETN.


Welcome @Anachronoa!

Great work getting the group together. AnyTask is awesome, will do so much good for ETN and the world. :+1:


I’m glad you appreciate it! I can’t agree more on that, it is building the hype and the positivity of things.


Thanks for doing some on the ground promotion of ETN there in the Philippines. I’ve believed since the beginning that ETN could do amazing things there. I still think it eventually will be used for cross border personal remittance there once things are all in place to allow convenient on and off ramps…fiat gateways or tied into existing send payout locations in some way.

I think anytask could become very big there too, lots of talented people who would welcome a new way to earn extra income.

I’ve wondered if possibly someone there could organize a skills training venue, maybe work with a non profit once ETN is live and develop something in cooperation with some local internet cafes to provide some PC time to complete tasks that require more than a phone. Just an idea, not sure how it would work.


This needs a lot of work, but I could do the initiative on that. Let me see what I could do.


Ok cool. Good Luck to you.

I wonder if they could be motivated by the partner rewards program or just the usual referral rewards system.

Don’t know, but if they accepted ETN and had ETN earners coming in they could work out a deal to allow them to get to a certain point where PC time isn’t coming out of the person’s own pocket, but instead after that person has began earning some income through anytask.

The exact details I have no idea, and some PC cafe owners could take advantage too.

Still worth exploring I think.

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Anytask ETN Internet Cafe.

I can see it now in big neon lights.

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