Can you please help us translate our latest push notification in to your local language?


Lebih Untung dengan ETN (
Pakai ETN dengan mobile pelan minit dan data pakaj, Electroneum app. Ketahui lanjut di sini!

…big thanks to my office colleague in Kuala Lumpur :slight_smile:


Português Brasil:

Ganhe mais ETN com
Gaste ETN em minutos e pacotes de dados para sua rede móvel, através do aplicativo Electroneum. Saiba mais aqui!


Tagalog (Filipino):
Kumita ng marami pa na ETN sa
Maaari mong gamitin ang ETN na pambili ng mobile data sa pamamagitan ng Electroneum app. Alamin kung paano rito!



If needed sometime In Dutch:

Verdien meer ETN met AnyTask . com
Geef ETN uit aan minuten en datapakketten van jouw mobiele netwerkprovider, via de Electroneum app.

Lees hier meer!


@ETNCEO This is a pirate translation from my friend who is a real life pirate. :pirate_flag:

We must leave no one, including pirates, behind.

Well shave me belly with a rusty razor! Earn more ETN booty with Spend yer precious ETN on minutes and data packages for yer mobile network, through thee Electroneum app. Find out more here me hearty.



In Afrikaans (South Africa):

Verdien meer ETN met

Gebruik die Elektroneum toep en spandeer ETN om lugtyd en data pakette vir jou selfoon aan te koop.
Vind meer hieroor hier!


Ik hou toch zo van de zuid Afrikaanse taal he!!! Zo mooi :smiley: heerlijk land ook! Ga er graag nog eens terug op vakantie!!


Hey what about arabic world !
The majority of Arabic speakers are concentrated in North Africa, the Arabian Peninsula and the Middle East, known as the Arab world. More than 423 million Arabic speakers in the whole world and especialy in the Middle East cryptocurrency mass adoption get higher and higher ETN wil be a big deal there for mibile top up !


Can you top up in the app. ?

Can’t see Romania

How about Croatian

Zaradite više ETN-a s
Potrošite ETN na minute i podatkovne pakete za svoju mobilnu mrežu putem aplikacije Electroneum.
Saznaj više ovdje!

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Romania - Orange, Telecom, Vodafone all is there

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Looking foreword for that to happen.

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It will be like this in Indonesian language:

Dapatkan lebih banyak ETN dengan AnyTask com Belanjakan ETN untuk nelpon dan paket kuota operator seluler Anda, melalui App Electroneum. Ketahui selebihnya di sini!

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