Alternative Option for CPU/GPU miners


@wTz1 it’s dipping loads we need FOMO!


Yes, that is exactly right.


Its better to buy a X3, then its profit after roi is done


After you stopped mining cryptonight_fast I kind of got lazy about changing the config in HIVE OS back to V8 so haven’t been mining/miner was off. I just changed it and turned it back on, it’s cold over here and I need some heat.
My landlord has the roof full with solar panels and one of the other room renters has an electric or hybrid car that she plugs in once in a while so I very much doubt I will be using as much electricity as her.

Lots of electric cars coming out this year. There are tax incentives from the utility providers here in California that could pay for some of your mining costs if you are a miner and also have an electric vehicle. If you charge your car overnight it lessens the volatility of peak power demand during the day and afternoon versus when everyone is sleeping.
I read an article recently that said electric cars are going to get as cheap (initial cost) as gas cars by the mid 2020’s


Figured I’d share some baseline numbers for whoever is interested in knowing what a basic cpu/gpu desktop computer can mine in this pool. Not sure how long these numbers will be relevant.

Ryzen 5 Processor
XMR-Stak, V8 Algo

Run for roughly 3 days, hashing around 350 h/sec (:face_with_raised_eyebrow:) and received about 38 ETN. Pool hashrate was anywhere between 50-111 kh/sec at any given time. More pool hash= more blocks = smaller share, however better payout.

If your equipment is better, you should get more, not as good will get less.

Not killing it, but it’s great to be mining ETN again. Thanks @Crypto_Kangaroo!

P.S. I have done some GPU tuning after the 3 day trial and am currently getting another 200 h/s, will update running total in a couple days. Apparently the V8 algo isn’t kind to NVIDIAS and the default xmr-stak config didnt help either. I know @Crypto_Kangaroo is working on some updates.


Norway has 40% of the electric market :joy:
The top Spec Tesla is as cheap as a Audi Stationwagon with good engine. Or half of gasoline cars with such engines and spec.
And its free TollRoads, tunnels, bridges and you can drive in the Bus/taxi lane where its almost none traffic. Its also free parking.
But now Hydrogen is on its way. We now built worlds first Ferry fully hydrogen driven.
Also coming to transport. American Nicola motors has a large contract to company NEL hydrogen here. Not a bad future Stock to have.


I am still having issues. Any help appreciated.

as a newbie the whole wallet address confuses me. It leaves me wondering if the wallet address I am using is correct, is it the same as my ap address? Because I am collecting on that (a little, maybe 2 ETN per day) but I have no recollection of ever entering a wallet address though my Electroneum account shows payout at

The balance of the .JSON file is as came from XMrig. When I run it I am not mining…
the common screen is lots of N/a
Entire JSON file below the screenshot.

“algo”: “cryptonight”,
“api”: {
“port”: 0,
“access-token”: null,
“id”: null,
“worker-id”: null,
“ipv6”: false,
“restricted”: true
“autosave”: true,
“background”: false,
“cache”: true,
“colors”: true,
“donate-level”: 1,
“log-file”: null,
“opencl-platform”: “AMD”,
“opencl-loader”: “OpenCL.dll”,

"pools": [
        "url": "",
        "user": " my offline PUBLIC WALLET ADDRESS is here",
        "pass": "x",
        "rig-id":  "TheCapnVideo",
        "nicehash": false,
        "keepalive": false,
        "variant": 2,
        "tls": false,

        "currency": "cryptonight_v8",

        "pool_weight": 1,
        "tls-fingerprint": null
"print-time": 60,
"retries": 5,
"retry-pause": 5,
"threads": [
        "index": 0,
        "intensity": 56,
        "worksize": 8,
        "strided_index": 2,
        "mem_chunk": 2,
        "unroll": 8,
        "comp_mode": false,
        "affine_to_cpu": false
        "index": 0,
        "intensity": 56,
        "worksize": 8,
        "strided_index": 2,
        "mem_chunk": 2,
        "unroll": 8,
        "comp_mode": false,
        "affine_to_cpu": false
"user-agent": null,
"syslog": false,
"watch": false




Due to the Cryptopia hack where the CNv8 coins were being exchanged for ETN, @Crypto_Kangaroo had to change the algo to the fast pool which uses a different exchange to aquire ETN.

Go to and follow the instruction there. It’s actually a more power efficient algo to mine too. I would encourage you to join the telegram chat so you stay up to date to any changes that are made on the pool. He’s still tweaking it constantly to make it the best GPU mining platform to acquire ETN possible.


When you’re trying to switch to the new fastpool, but your dog :dog2: isn’t having any of it:


Switch over to the fast pool. You will make more ETN algorithm is cryptonight_masari
You are on the 3333 port? So you are mining with your CPU?
Then you will be on 6001
I don’t know what “currency” should be but it’s not cryptonight_V8 for fast but it may not matter


Thanks, I’m CPU+GPU mining again using my Intel i5-7600 + GTX1060 (aka “Mid Range Hardware”) on the fast pool now.

“Generate your custom configuration to mine on our pool” was easy to set up (just pasted the resulting config into pools.txt of my XMR-STACK folder)
algorithm is:

"currency": "cryptonight_masari",


Anybody want some ETN? Take advantage of the 50kh hash I have rented on the pool. We are getting blocks regularly. Lets create some buying pressure to counter the dumping pressure. If you have a CPU or GPU come join the pool.


Won’t have time til tomorrow night to do anything about this, lots of energistic comments but newbies like me sometimes need step by step instructions.
I’ll go ofver your comments and suggestions Friday evening. Thanks!


I’m on holiday, on Monday I’ll continue mining. So far I was mining with algo CNv8 on your pool, got 932 etn with 1.2kh/s -abt 32 etn/day. Will I get more etn/day if I change to cryptonight_masari algo? thanks


Ask the pool owner.
Crypto_kangaroo on the telegram channel


It will be better yes - as we are popping more blocks on that algo , the payments per block are smaller , but a lot more blocks than on the v8 algo


shell I use a different port?
the getting started page doesn’t say it


It has a different URL - ports 6002 should be OK for u


So I switched over to the fastpool but had some issues. Now seem to be ok but default for me shows port 3333 in the mining window. Is that going to mess something up? It seems to be mining. Here is my pool config page and worker addy is etnk9GHjGfc54mqNsH2KozL1o1W4BrztyYCgtrDmhu69FBci9y5ieYgAerP1iQtRPGSCLLmZdEHqg2PY5LiU2C263qd7pX3ZPX

using Awesome Miner.


you need to use port 6001

so pool should be