Alternative Option for CPU/GPU miners


Continued…whenever i plug in the 6001 port anywhere I get errors. here is awesome miner diagnostics. I’ve tried using 6001 at end of url like this get errors. Also used command line parameters in pool config to this ```
“pools”: [
“url”: “”,
“user”: “etnk9GHjGfc54mqNsH2KozL1o1W4BrztyYCgtrDmhu69FBci9y5ieYgAerP1iQtRPGSCLLmZdEHqg2PY5LiU2C263qd7pX3ZPX”,
“pass”: “x”,
“keepalive”: true,
“nicehash”: false,
“variant”: 1

but only get errors--diagnostics:



I had to use cryptonight_masari algo instead of fast on xmr-stak.

If you pop on over to the telegram group, Robin uses awesome miner too.


Now just getting rejected


Change the coin type to Masari



Algo is crypto fast? still getting rejected



Feel dumb. Masari doesnt show in dropdown for algorithm. when i use ‘By Coin’ and select masari, it doesnt stick in the algorithm window. Do i set it to unspecified?


Solved over on Telegram. Thanks @Crypto_Kangaroo!


Find out what your command is to enable hugepages. In linux I run
sysctl -w vm.nr_hugepages=128
to set it before I run xmrig
I don’t know what the command is for windows.

edit: Were killing it on this coin. We have over 10% of the network hashrate so we’re getting lots of blocks.


Apologies if I’m being dense, I’m CPU mining on some SBCs, using Monero v8 algo in xmrig, should i switch to use the fast pool config or is this specific to GPU mining? I’m still getting payouts using current config


Give it a shot. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’m using a single CPU and GPU, difficulty has lowered while our pool hash has increased. I’m now making about what I was on the v8 algo.

IIRC there’s at least one other “worker” in the telegram group that is CPU only.


I’ve left them running for about 6 hours now and the balance is going up a lot slower than on the regular pool with the v8 algo on port 3333 so flipped back to that. Thanks though!



No prob, they’re both about the same for me now. 15-20 ETN paid out per day. It’d be a bit smaller range if I kept it at the standard payout limit.


From @Crypto_Kangaroo in the telegram group in case this miner is not part of that TG feed:

COULD the miner the ETN address ending in cqdvb4sk5A5sAR5PVi with IP x.x.x.240 - please check your rigs - they are submitting BAD hashes and you are not getting rewarded


We have another miner with a bad config

Bad hash from miner etnjva6CGscKp…7PMpUQot @

Can this miner please check their miner setup as they have been wasting hash for over 2 days


Anybody interested in mining equip.?
May be selling some.


I’d rather buy etn. :slight_smile:


Oh, if i sold X3 asic i guess your pipe would smoke up :blush:


same here :slight_smile: buy + I’m mobile mining on 3 devices and some referrals with code DAA6BE