Alternative Option for CPU/GPU miners


Attention CPU & GPU Miners

If you want to mine and get paid directly in ETN now that ASICs run the main Blockchain, I have created a new POOL that will pay you at least 10x more than trying to mine with CPU/GPU on a ASIC pool.

This pool will mine more profitable coins, using the Cryptonight V8 algo which is ASIC resistant, and pay you directly in ETN without the need for you to mine other coins, exchange and worry about fees and time.

The pool is currently undergoing final testing this week, but I would love some miners to join and help

If you want more info please PM or visit the site and configure your miners.


Risk for 51% attack
Wallet is in the wrong format?

Interesting but which site?


I am very interested in this…can you post a link to your site. I have a 6 GPU Vega 64 rig that Mines CN like butter. I currently have it on TUBE, but would love this exact service to get more ETN.


side or site ? Not allowed to post links :frowning:

etnocean thorshammer cc



HTTPS :// etnocean DOT thorshammer DOT cc


got it. Now to look at the details/fees etc. to see if it’s worth doing over doing the conversion myself. I’m currely using a service like this on nlpool to mine RVN to LTC. It’s pretty awesome. All you do on their site is set it to mine RVN but use your LTC/BTC address in the batch file and it auto converts for no fee. If this is what you are doing with CN, it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for


Pretty much - I need to optimise it even further - and keep a constant eye on the best ALT coins to mine in the background, currently only 1 , but will be adding auto switch. I am using 1% fees on the pool for now, but as I run it for longer and tune it hoping to reduce it. For experienced miners this might be hit and miss but for other , it might make life easier


I’m in. I want to mine and if all goes well I want to do a video on this…if that is ok with you.


If this is legit and works, you can bet your booty you’ll see a 99 Cents video posted about it soon. Matthew Gray was just shown this;p

Edit: Speak of the devil…he posted before I could ;p


Thank you - FYI - just launched it so hoping to get feedback over next 1 or 2 weeks , and adjust it and make it more efficient. It’s light on features now - very light - simple mine the ALT and pay in ETN , but looking at doing a lot more with it


Great initiative. Will be watching this with interest. Good job! :+1:


FYI - you mine with your ETN address - just set the Algo to CNv8 (Monero) , you dont worry about what the pool is mining. Payments are currently 24h , but will reduce them once I am confident the processor works well


what is the etn payout/day for 1kh/s at today’s difficulty?


Hey, you finally did it. I think I might pull my rig out from the storage container I put it in before I moved and join you. If I can figure out how to set it up and operate it again.


Need to get more miners and hash on the pool to give a more accurate idea - but I would say around 40 ETN a day , ill have better view in a few days - as there are dependencies on other coins and exchange conversions I have to deal with


I love this idea and I’ll try it with my 3x 470 rig :smile: Keep it going!


Wait a second. Remember how I used to rent hashpower for the Electroneum pool and the Masari pool? I just so happen to have 2 LTC’s clearing tomorrow at coinbase. I’m totally willing to send it over to MRR and point some hashpower at your pool if you are willing to help me with the settings.
So here
Also in your settings area it says I need to give my miner ip address. How will I do that on MRR?
OK to use my online wallet? I’m assuming yes.
I joined your telegram channel.


winminer gave me $0.5 a day in BTC which was about 70 etn/day. I converted BTC to etn on an exchange. unfortunately winminer suspended its service



Great effort :+1:
I’ve got some GPU+CPU hashing power to direct to (your) our pool (GTX1060+GTX1080Ti) :smile:


Anyone joining the pool please also join the telegram group that way if you make a typo in your address or some other mistake the pool owner can help you.
Lets get some more ETN!