Alternative Option for CPU/GPU miners


One of the most popular is and the cost depends on the supplier of the hash.


To be honest I’m not doing the math. The point of me doing this was to increase the strength of the pool so that miners there would not “waste their hash” relatively speaking and get more block rewards so that they would be encouraged to continue mining. LTC was at around $32something and I bought 2 of them on coinbase and waited for them to clear for release. Once they cleared I sent them to MRR

This is the pool and info you need to copy/paste (besides your address) into MRR

Make an account at MRR and send your litecoin to the address they provide you for litecoin and wait for it to clear.

Go to MRR and click at the top where it says rigs and choose the cryptonoteV8/XMR rigs and then click on the pay with litecoin button and you’ll end up here.

Those are the rigs you can rent to mine V8/XMR.

So if I just pick one, as an example this one (this link may not work later)

The first thing I’m going to look at is minimum rental time and what I can afford and then I’m going to look at “optimal difficulty” and “suggested difficulty” and this is sometimes very far apart and I find that very annoying. The thing is the “optimal difficulty” is sometimes total BS. To find the real difficulty I click on the workers tab on the right and see what diff he/she is using and how he/she’s workers (mining rigs) are performing.

Once I decide on a difficulty level I then rent the rig and click on the “add pool” button that will appear in the upper right and that’s where you will copy/paste the info from and based on the diff I’ve decided I will put that port number after the address so for example I’m renting one right now.
In the “pool host” field I’m putting because the miner I’m renting has a diff of 140k which is lower than the 7777 port minimum diff but higher than the 5555 port.

Then under workername you want to put your ETN deposit address etnwhatever then at the very end without a space put a period . and then the fixed difficulty level. I always use a fixed diff but if you don’t want to use a fixed diff just put only your ETN deposit address and the pool will decide your difficulty level for you.

So fixed diff would be for example etnwhateveryouraddressis.140000 for a fixed diff of 140k

You want to stay in communication with the pool owner and other miners on the pool by joining their pool telegram channel. Once you rent the rig click on the details tab for that rig and watch his/her workers to make sure all is well.


can you tell me how much is it cheaper than buying etn?


mining and buying are two completely different things. Buying allows you to get as much as you want at market price. Mining has variables with electricity costs, which algo is being mined (in this specific form of mining) and how profitable the algo being mined is.

With that said, nothing is profitable to mine right now. So you would be better off just purchasing ETN directly. I mine because I already have the equipment sitting next to me…otherwise I’d sell it all and buy ETN directly, wait for moon, then sell some and buy all my stuff back:)


I’ve done a mixture of the two above, I sold my cards for ETN except one and bought ETN, I couldn’t bear to part with the last and best one and just mine a small amount. I have to admit that yesterday Windows ten shut it down for the 10,000,000th time so I switched for a week to finish the ETH I was mining then I’m switching back to the ETN pool. I need to find a way of giving an exception to the ETN miner though as Windows really doesn’t like it.


I might do a outrental of 6-10 Rx570 on Eth, if some wanted. Have location, and some cards not running.


if you can find someone to rent your equipment, I’d say do that. There’s more money to be made in renting than mining right now…that’s for sure.


Try HIVE OS I use it and never get shut down. If you need help let me know.


Yes, use hive too. Easy to change algos and coins, after u first learn the setup


Does HiveOS support Vega GPUs yet?


sorry but I still didn’t get an answer. Let’s say I can buy 10k etn for 65 euros. Can I make more than 10k etn for 65 euros via renting? If not then no use to rent if yes then I can consider it


The simple answer to that is no. Especially if prices rise and difficulty increased. You are better off buying right now


thanks. But why did you rent then?


Not sure who you are asking but if you scroll up you’ll see my answer to this.


I was asking Cryptoman976


@wTz1 Maybe this will help on Windows Defender in Windows 10, at least its been working for the last week since I set it up. I use Awesome Miner so your names may be different.

  • Open up Windows Defender
  • Go to Virus & Threat Protection Settings
  • Scroll down and open Exclusions
  • Add Exclusion
  • Pick Folder
  • Direct it to the folder that contains your miner
  • I also had to, after trial and error, find the other folder under your local user app data and add that to the exclusion list
    Names will be different in below screenshot but might help in where I had to go

Hope it helps


Glad I went back and reread the posts @Cryptoman976. Fired up my 1050ti GPU for the first time in months and was wondering why my hash rate is so much lower. Couldn’t figure it out on my end. Thanks


ah, sorry…just saw this. I didn’t really rent. I did a test 3 hour rental on this pool because I was curious since I had never done it before. I used LTC that I had mined on another pool that does this same kind of converstion, only to LTC or BTC…so it did not really “cost” me anything. I did not get nearly enough ETN in return to cover the LTC value I spent to get them. But I’m sure the ETN I did get will be worth more than the LTC I spent to get it in the future.


Do you mean you’d have been better off to trade your mined LTC to ETN on an exchange?


As soon as I get payout on the ETH I’m back on the community pool, I feel like I’m cheating on my wife by going over to ETH!