Alternative Option for CPU/GPU miners


Well that all went very wrong, it defaults to me mining for free donations… I have tried to edit the json file with an editor but that’s not working…am I being a bit…mad?


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Post the config file here and let me review it


Yeah, that may as well been in swahili for all I understood @Aironeous :joy::joy::rofl::rofl: Linux is well beyond me mate!


I may have cracked it, I learn as I go…slowly! Every day is a school day in Crypto!


…and I’m up and running.


Just one thing - go into the config file and change the donate from 5% to 1%, your dont want to be giving away that much hash, off memory is close to the top


Thank you most kindly for your help, may I donate you some ETN for your assistance?


No problem, no need to donate , I run the pool so I’m here to help if i can


Well thanks a lot I really appreciate it. What does the THREAD #0 COMPUTE ERROR message mean?


It can be one of many things - but most commonly - if it continues to appear after first few minutes, you might need to reduce the overclock on that GPU, or maybe you have under-volted too much. It could be that the memory in a specific GPU, isnt tolerant of the higher OC. Cryptonight V8 is a little more intense than previous version


Standard settings on Afterburner so I won’t worry. I don’t see the point in overclocking it’s a pretty good card. Thanks for the help and setting up the pool. It’s great to be mining ETN again!


It certainly is… This pool is a godsend.
I can see this pool and forum thread being very popular once the word really gets out :wink:


@BegaMutex do you think the team should be notified and have a formal announcement by them? I think this is great and should announced so those who do not have the forum are aware of this.


If i’m remembering correctly that’s an error caused by having an old version cuda. But not sure if that applies on windows.


Cuda isn’t for AMD though…is it?



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Awesome miner looks really good for you windows guys.

and translated to Swahili for comparison:

Miner ya kushangaza inaonekana vizuri kwako kwa madirisha ya wavulana.


I have to say again that it’s great that as a community we have a mining pool, this will be BIIIIG!


Can I mine using laptop? How? Thank you for the assistance. Newbie here.