Alternative Option for CPU/GPU miners


Yes you can, although mining on laptops is not super recommended due to weaker heat managements.

Get the latest XMR-STAK. You may need to add the files to exception on your antivirus software.

Or you can get the no fee version here:

And run it. For first run you need to set your mining power to our ETN pool. Below is needed to type into the miner.

You need to set the mining algorhythm to


For pool address:

For username: your etn wallet address
For password:


For rig_id: your worker name (whatever you want)
For support TLS/SSL AND use nicehash AND use multiple pools:


And done!


Once its been up and running for a while I will mention it. Its still brand new, so needs to settle in.


Brilliant - Thank You


@JonneHex I remember you mentioning something like having a community mining pool. Well here it is now.


Behodl. Is this were i should test some power?:blush:


Putted on 2khs, but a bit busy today. Will look at it later😊


Throw as much as you can at it. The more the better:)


I just got started with it :smiley:


I cannot see the answer here, maybe it has been already answered, but which cryptonightv8 coin do you actually use for mining ?


X-Cash for now although basically you don’t need to care about that. Join the telegram group if you are interested in the latest changes.


Actually laughed when I read this. Kudos @Aironeous


I think that’s coders humor where you address the logic of something while ignoring the humor value of it even though you know it has humor value.

For more humor see my crypto jokes on the crypto jokes thread.


I might put in some real power in the evening, you might see a
Significant rise.:blush:


If anybody is having hugepages error in red when starting xmrig this is the command to fix it. You run it before you run the ./xmrig command.
sysctl -w vm.nr_hugepages=128
Might need a sudo before that.


Whats the pool mining btw? Graft?


Some unknown (to me) coin that starts with a C i think on tradeogre.


At the shallow end of the pool, I’m getting a reliable 1ETN payout every 20 hours with my 3x OrangePi SBCs. Adding about 33% to the rate I’m ‘mining’ them on my phone.

Happy with that, will be well worthwhile when we hit $1/coin in 2019!




Only gpu or asic?


This is a GPU pool, no ASICs allowed