Alternative Option for CPU/GPU miners


arrived… thank you



Hash is really beginning to bump up now and blocks are coming in nice :+1:t2:


Even in its’ current early testing form, this platform is giving me more ETN than I ever got when ETN was GPU mine-able directly.

It’s actually giving me A LOT more ETN than what an ASIC would give mining directly…this could offset the ASIC dumping BIGTIME seeing only hodlers would really do this over mining and dumping for BTC on another coin directly.


PM’d as I’m having some issues with the shares being rejected for me in xmrig. Anyone with a known working config.json file they’re willing to share would be appreciated.


I assume you’re using the correct algorithm? V8


Cheers Brett, was using the wrong variant! Fixed now!


For anyone else using xmrig
Algo is cryptonight
variant is 8
url is <---- replace those last 4 numbers with the correct port for your rig if it is not 3333
user is your wallet address for fixed difficulty put a dot after your wallet address and then the difficulty


We already have 87 blocks! If you want some ETN jump in with your CPU or GPU. You won’t be wasting your hash power because we’re popping blocks.


Can I pm you and ask questions about mining please


I completely forgot, thanks to the guys in the pool telegram group for reminding me, that Cryptodredge is pretty good at mining cryptonight on nvidia cards. Z enemy is decent too, better than xmr-stak and xmrig. The only setback is you can’t mine it with your cpu using cryptodredge or zenemy. It is still better to mine nvidia friendly algos but if you would rather ha e convenience of getting ert automatically, give them a try.


I’m on a tablet on my way home from work waiting for the bus. I can’t copy/paste anything from my laptop right now but yeah you can pm me.
Also I’m using Linux so I won’t be able to help you with windows


I’m in :heavy_check_mark:
Really like the idea of this pool

I have been using my Rig for mining BitTube, exchange it for BTC then buy ETN
Doing this process daily …
But now that seems to be changed

If this pool succeeded & we got many GPU/CPUs miners, it will really be a big thing for electroneum as it creates a nice big buy pressure against ASIC dumpers which will likely support the price of our beloved coin :zap:

This is brilliant :ok_hand:t3:

Thanks @Crypto_Kangaroo for bringing this to the community supporters :black_heart:


is it now clearer hiw much etn is made in a day with 1kh/s ?

Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!

Ok, here’s to me looking stupid! How do I download the XMRrig-AMD, I cannot find a way to stop my PC blocking it? No laughing please!!


NVM, sorted. 20 lots of confusion.


Welcome to the pain of Windows 10 Anti-Virus. Glad to see you sorted it


So can I run this with the XMR AMD miner I just downloaded, I’m only used to Claymore to be honest and I don’t see the option to edit the application file…Can anyone help me out here as I’m lost with this stuff but will happily stop mining ETH for ETN if I can get a bit of help. Many thanks.


When you run it , it will ask for the settings

There are the settings you will need , and once entered your config.json file should look like below:

"pools": [
        "url": "",
        "user": "YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS",
        "pass": "YOUR_WORKER_NAME",
        "keepalive": true,
        "nicehash": false,
        "variant": 8


I’ll have a bash now…here goes nothing.


On my linux laptop the config.json is in the build directory.

You also have the option of running HIVE OS on a usb stick but you have to change boot priority in the BIOS menu and make a bootable HIVE OS usb stick using rosa image writer.
Then you make an account with HIVE and you configure everything there and I can tell you the correct config details for that.
Then you just turn your computer on and it does everything for you, starts mining right away. No hassling with anti virus or drivers or windows updates and they got all kinds of miners on that OS with the ability to add more. Free for the small home miners.