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Just watched the 25th go around in the last hour or two. Crazy stuff, and a squall has just arrived at Heathrow! These pilots and ATC are earning their money today!


I miss the days when you could just sit outside the major airports and watch planes go by…

Although it does look like some people are hanging out there too. In my area, you get chased by airport police if you try to. All changed after 9/11.

We used to be able to park right outside the fence under the approach end of the main runway and look up at their underbellys, feel the air being displaced.

Kinda like:

Yea, looked like serious conditions.

Seems like you’d just have to ride the slope down and see what you got at DA, instrument approach roulette! :crazy_face:

Rewinding back to 2013, when I started my greatest flying adventure to date:


Woah, is this your channel?

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After more than 50 years of aerospace companies saying Supersonic travel has arrived, maybe this time it finally has.

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Glad to see you back @Nicolas!

Hows’s the wrenching been treating you?

Yes it is, started it after picking up my project airplane. My hope is that I can use it to inspire others to pursue their aviation dreams. Thanks for checking it out! :grinning:

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This thing is awesome! :+1: There’s definitely been a Concorde shaped hole in the air transport industry.

Can’t wait for someone to bring back supersonic travel!


I’m not particularly into avaiation per se, but your video was presented great and held my attention (which is hard to do,) so I subscribed anyway. Maybe I’ll learn something new.:+1:

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Great to have you on board dude!

I really appreciate the feedback. This youtube thing is tougher than it looks, hard to balance content and teaching with run time. I always think my vids are too long.

Cheers! :beers:

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Round about perfect timing I would say. Do you have any plans to film any flying with customers reactions…and offering experiences for ETN?

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Speaking of YT videos:

I won’t post them all here…


Absolutely plan on filming all my adventures with the airplane and who I can share it with. Who knows what all we can get in to? I do have some great pics and vids of flying with kids, but it’s a bit of a gray area right now, especially with youtube. Some pending legislation here in the US on including kids in videos…

The AK stuff for example, those kids have so much fun in the airplane. Even better when I have some from a coastal village and bring them to the camp in the mountains where there’s trees. And moose! Eyes just glued outside.

The EAA does “Young Eagle” flights introducing kids to flying, hope to do some of them.

On experiences for ETN:

Not touching that with a 10’ pole! (For the time being at least.) That’s a huge regulatory cesspool of rules and red tape, even without crypto. There’s people pushing to introduce a sharing service like Uber but with planes, but who knows.

Might be trying to combine my wife’s love of photography and the airplane though. Brainstorming that one now. :thinking:


Haha thanks. No wrenching in the last while, just seeing the world. My aviation dreams will be on pause for the foreseeable future, but the dreams persist!


Keep that dream alive and you’ll get there! :grin:

I spent WAY too long thinking I couldn’t do it until I finally went after it.


Some cool aviation engines coming out of Norway @B.F.A:

Especially their EPeX engines converted from Yamaha snowmobiles:

Have yet to do the conversion from kr, but I bet I can’t afford it.

Here’s one in action:

:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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My dream is to fly stol air planes like that. When moon i might go back and get my license


Yea the STOL stuff is super fun, have yet to fly anything that mental though.

What is the “general” aviation scene like in Norway? How easy/ hard is it to get a pilot license?

Have you seen the STOL drag races yet?

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My contribution to AnyTask and the aviation community is now live at:

I’m not expecting a lot of “business,” as my market is fairly limited.

I just see and meet so many people saying they can’t fly that I decided to do my part in helping people figure out how they can.

I myself spent too much time thinking I couldn’t do it. One day, I finally changed the narrative in my head from “I can’t” to “how can I?” The rest as they say is history.


Update for UK pilots…

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