You asked for Shopify, I give you Shopify! Now I need your help!


Maybe that’s a sign that they realise it’s not possible currently, due to the restrictions you have described. But a response would be nice to see here at least I would think. Maybe we need a clarification here. We can ask I guess… hey @wilzee what is your take on this ? Thanks. :slight_smile:


Think I found a reply that seems to cover any response. They tried, and are still maybe working on it, and we can all bug them about it if we want. Untill demand is there. Sorry but seems to be the case for now.

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Hi @3babf70bcfdf24cd84b7 I deal with more the internal office tech bits, so not really my area im afraid :frowning: sorry


No worries man, I think we got it figured out now, unless someone else like @Egg or @Chris_ETN can recommend who we can ask for an update. Let’s wait til mwc19 passes. :slight_smile:


@mehmeh Your effort and enthusiasm will not be forgotten or go unrewarded, I can say this for sure. :slight_smile: From me, thank you for this huge effort and dedication to the project. I’m impressed anyway. :slight_smile:


As I think I’ve mentioned, this isn’t a technical request so it’s gone to another department. I’ll see if they have a response for you.



Yes I’m aware, don’t worry, I completely understand you guys are busy… Spoke to various people by email and I’m told people are working on it. Not getting impatient, just waiting for a reply :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for looking into it @3babf70bcfdf24cd84b7… That issue is not related to my project, it’s actually what inspired me to write the Shopify app. My app doesn’t need the hosted gateway SDK, it gets around that issue. The only thing preventing me from launching a beta test is that we are still waiting on someone qualified to help me write terms & conditions + privacy policy, as I think it would be irresponsible to run a financial app without T&Cs, and illegal to run any app without a privacy policy. I personally can give a lot of time for things I’m passionate about, but don’t have spare cash lying around to spend on lawyers (or GDPR fines for not having a solid privacy policy :joy:).


It would be appreciated if someone from the team could contact mehmeh and see if we can get this Shopify plugin done and out there in beta.

Update at bottom of original post

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Hey presto. Appreciate the reply. But the mass tagging of team doesn’t work, because they see everything here anyway. You’d hope. I think they’ve already been communicating.

I think the problem for Shopify would be here.


Update is at bottom of original post.
I have also been in communication with him @mehmeh can clarify but I believe he needs assistance with privacy policy and term and conds. He still needs to hear from the team he is still waiting. I thought it was worth a try.


Is shopify included in the bounty program for plugins? @MSystem @BegaMutex @Jeff_Knight

@mehmeh can confirm status of plugin.
I’m trying to get this noticed so he can get a response the shopify plugin is waiting to be completed he just needs assistance or a conversation with team about it.


Do you mean the update from Dec 18th?

So, development is basically finished now. Everything is working smoothly.


I’ll let @mehmeh confirm the process of the plugin

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@3babf70bcfdf24cd84b7 @PrestoCrypto Yes, the plugin works, just needs beta testing on a larger scale. However to do that, I need a privacy policy and terms and conditions for the app (it’s illegal not to have a privacy policy and highly irresponsible not to have T&Cs). I’ve been in contact with the team to ask for help with this, as I don’t have money to finance lawyers to write those documents up for me, but the team hasn’t given me an update in months.


I thought to look on fiver and you can get someone to do this for you? Check it out

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Wait for giga aguru. :slight_smile:


And I’m guessing it only needs these legal terms and conditions because it bypassed the Shopify gateway SDK or have I misunderstood ?


No, I need terms and conditions because the app will be “handling” other people’s money. I put it in quotes because in reality it the money doesn’t really go through the app, but that’s a technical detail. Terms and conditions allow me to set general rules on how the user can and can’t use the app, to avoid me from being personally liable if a user does something illegal/idiotic and lose money/cause damage because of it.

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Shopify gateway SDK shouldn’t be a problem, read shopify’s development Ts&Cs in detail and I’m playing by the rules 100%

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Anyone on fiverr worth their salt offering legal documents will end up costing $150+, money which I cannot just toss around without thinking twice about it. Same reason why I haven’t been to see a lawyer myself.