You asked for Shopify, I give you Shopify! Now I need your help!


It’s going fine… Completely revamped the order manager:

Looks better that way. Working hard on some issues with the backend… Sit tight, it’ll come as soon as it’s ready!!! I’ve had a lot on my plate these last days aside from the shopify plugin so I had to take a small break but I’m back to working on it again!


Excellent! You’re doing great work!


Keep up the great work! Can’t wait!


Looking awesome keep us up to date :smiley:


Wow great video this looks amazing ! Works very well. Keep us updated :slight_smile:


I’m so excited for @mehmeh’s awesome Shopify plugin!
I’m currently designing the branding for a product I’m going to sell as soon as the beta is ready!



Just wanted to check back about your Shopify App. I will go live with my shop the next few day and would love to accept ETN as I have some ETN products on the go.

I use Stripe (for regular payments Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, ApplePay) and Coinbase Commerce (for BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH) but would LOVE to accept ETN also. But as I am not a too techy guy, I can’t figure it out right now although I have a API beta account with ETN. Any help appreciated…



Hey there! The app is basically finished and ready for beta, however I’m waiting on a reply from ETN as I need to discuss some things with them before I can send the app out to anyone. My app would also need terms and conditions, along with a privacy policy before I can start testing, and I have no money for a lawyer to draft those for me, which is another issue. The ETN team is obviously super busy at the moment with everything they were hoping to wrap up before the new year… Sit tight, it’ll come as soon as it’s ready!


Thanks for the update @mehmeh I hope the ETN team can help you with those last few things once they’re less busy with their current priorities :slightly_smiling_face:


Check out the update at the top of this thread! We’re getting closer and closer!


Hey @mehmeh and @cnorin, I just watched the update video and it looks great! Well done to you both! Can’t wait to give this a go once you’ve got the privacy stuff sorted out!


Awesome Mehmeh! Great job. I am so glad you and Claes got together. I would love to connect & discuss some different things. I run etnmarketplace dot org , as well as the Electroneumuniverse dot com. I would love to talk to you about some things we’ve been working on. Great job!
Greg Ward


Hey there! Feel free to pm me :slight_smile:


Add me also to the pm I would love to hear what you’ve been working on !


Hey PrestoCrypto,
I am not sure how to include folks on PM, but I just told Mehmeh that I have a telegram account I check more often, under Rasta G, aka greg Ward, as well as Electroneum Universe. I would love to connect and see ways that we can work together on some things. Looking forward to talking!
Greg Ward


Great work @mehmeh and @cnorin.

I did consider moving my store to another platform to be able to accept ETN, but now that I see the result of what you are working on, I will gladly wait for your Shopify app to be finished.


Still waiting on the team to get back to us with some help for T&Cs and Privacy policy. Once I get those I will start beta testing immediately!


Hope all is well @mehmeh! Let’s connect again soon. -Greg


Still no word from the team on this?


Nope, sadly… Still waiting on them.