WooCommerce Electroneum Payment

Hi guys, im looking for solution in setting Electroneum as a payment method. Everythings works fine a few weeks ago, but since last week im not able to figure out this error. I have got an actuall version from WP plugin, but after payment by QR code this error appear on my website instead thank you page. What is surprise for me is that in spite of this error payment is OK and i receive ETN as vendor. Could you help me? Another things - you remove ajax after succesful payment by QR code? Before it works smoothly - after payment -> system automaticly went to next page.

I use the latest version of Electroneum plugin for Woocommerce and WP. I tried remove ETN plugin and manually update from WP plugin official site. It doesnt work.


Fatal error : Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method WC_Order::wc_reduce_stock_levels() in /web/htdocs4/ictportalcz/home/www/wp-content/plugins/electroneum-instant-payments-for-woocommerce/include/electroneum_ips_library.php:240 Stack trace: #0 /web/htdocs4/ictportalcz/home/www/wp-content/plugins/electroneum-instant-payments-for-woocommerce/templates/electroneum_ips_payment.php(14): Electroneum_IPS_Gateway->request_payment(‘2497’) #1 /web/htdocs4/ictportalcz/home/www/wp-includes/template-loader.php(77): include(’/web/htdocs4/ic…’) #2 /web/htdocs4/ictportalcz/home/www/wp-blog-header.php(19): require_once(’/web/htdocs4/ic…’) #3 /web/htdocs4/ictportalcz/home/www/index.php(17): require(’/web/htdocs4/ic…’) #4 {main} thrown in /web/htdocs4/ictportalcz/home/www/wp-content/plugins/electroneum-instant-payments-for-woocommerce/include/electroneum_ips_library.php on line 240

p.s.: im admin of this page, not vendor…

@Peter_DIR might be able to help you

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Have a look here, speak with @benjaminoo

Github for Electroneum Instant Payments WooCommerce plugin

You could also raise a support ticket.

Thanks for info guys… i have to raise a support ticket, because i tried everything and it looks like this error is somewhere between stock reduce or status update. I really dont know. Im not expert for this.

Maybe one point: its very confusing for setting vendor outlet in account Electroneum. I used https:// standart format with www. , but as i saw in readme file on Github it has to be https:// standart format with www /wc-api/electroneum_ips_gateway/ . Why is there only information about http, or https, site settings? Without information about /wc-api/electro… ?

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Hi is this any help ??


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Hi @98b05408de0a9533dd2d,

The error is related to a deprecated function in Woocommerce to automatically reduce stock levels. A different function has to be called based on the version of Woocommerce you are using, and this seems to be causing the problem. Can you please elaborate which version of Woocommerce you are using?

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Hi @benjaminoo

im using version of Woocommerce 3.6.2.

I tried to disable all of my active plugins which can make impact to woocommerce, but without any results to remove error above.


I am currently setting up a new eccommerce website and have decided to go with woocommerce for easy integration with Electroneum. My question is this. I want to give a discount to anyone paying with Electroneum but not really sure how to do this. Any discount codes I use at checkout would also apply to stripe payments which I don’t want.

If anyone has any ideas I’d appreciate it.

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@egg @rach :point_up::point_up::point_up::point_up:

Any ideas


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You need some custom code to set that up - an easier way is to search for plugins for this stuff. This one does what you want https://wordpress.org/plugins/woo-payment-discounts/

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Thanks for your help that will be perfect look forward to start receiving Electroneum for goods.

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