Github for Electroneum Instant Payments WooCommerce plugin


I’ve created a github repository for the Electroneum Instant Payments Woocommerce plugin. Please help me debug the code and develop it further.

You will find installation instructions under the Readme section at the link above.

First Electroneum Instant Payments Woocommerce integration

Once again, amazing work, I will be looking to utilize your work. Thank you! :blue_heart:


Expect an update. Soon…


Update released, with the following new features:

  • Now checks for payment confirmation in the background and automatically shows a success message immediately after payment, without the user having to press buttons or refresh the page. The button is still in place should the user not have Javascript enabled.
  • Updated order flow. A new order flow was introduced that does not empty a user’s cart until payment is received. So users can then return later to finish the purchase. The website owner can also reach out to customers on cart abandonment.

For more information, check out the Github readme.


And here’s a video demonstrating the updated release:


Impressive stuff Benjamin. Well done and congrats! Your efforts are appreciated…


@benjaminoo I think you should perhaps make it clear here that this is now outdated and people need to get the latest version from the official Wordpress directory! :wink:


The Github repository is up to date and should function the same as the plugin available in the Wordpress directory. There was an issue with the first Github release that meant it would not update automatically, but this has now been fixed.


:+1: :+1: Great stuff!