Why is the price so deep? Is mining really worth it with the mobile phone?


Why is the price so deep? Is mining really worth it with the mobile phone? For less than 1 cent that’s not provitabel


It doesn’t matter what the price is now, it matters what the price is in a year or more. Just use the mobile miner and save the coins for when the price is higher.


How is it not profitable? The mining is simulated and takes hardly any resources. You’re being given pre-mined coins for letting the app stay open in the background and pretty much ping the network. You can always just hold it for the future if you believe in what they’re doing. :slight_smile:


Its well worth it, I tell people that it is like an email system. It doesn’t use that much data it basically just interacts every once in a while as a kind of handshake. As above, I would say yes it is worth it. They are free and who knows how much they maybe worth in the future.


The mobile miner doesn’t cost a thing. Get busy using it, it’s free. Get your friends involved. Play with it. You’ll see the world doing the same soon enough :wink:


I couldnt agree more. Please ETN community, no more “when lambo” posts/videos. Today’s price is irrelevant, at least to me it is, when compared to the fact that I suspect Richard Ells is trying to use ETN platform to create a viable alternative to the entirety of the current fiat system. Gig economy, community forums, instant payments… Dont focus on todays price. Focus on what the price potential will be on the technology that allows the masses to make instant transactions, across borders, with neither bank approval nor fees; for nearly any and every product available. If we support ETN and allow it to evolve, bank cards will soon be obsolete.


1$=166 coins
If 2000000 members just buy 166 ENT’s we will go to at least 250 satoshi.
1$ is all it takes per person