When are we going on binance?

Does anyone have any idea when are we going to list on Binance. It is a very important exchange to become popular.

Not any time soon as this is very expensive move, at this stage ETN does not need Binance, but it will happen when we grow bigger :point_up:



ETN doesn’t need Binance imo !

But Binance needs ETN


ETN didn’t succeed with the Binance voting, but my guess is that the tables will turn in the near future, and Binance will be begging ETN to be listed on their exchange.


All of them will :grinning:


When did that happened ?:thinking:

ETN didn’t succeed with the Binance voting

I saw that it didn’t pass through to the next round.

I honestly think widespread adoption of vendors/retailers/etc. accepting ETN is about 5X more important than being able to liquidate it on an exchange but it is still a valid question.

The answer is a legal answer, an NDA - non disclosure agreement.
Please read binance’s rules about listing a coin.

Yes, but being on a lot of exchanges can provide a project with the liquidity it needs in order for it to thrive.

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After everything that Binance did to ETN community I wouldnt blame Richard Ells if he never listed on that exchange. When ETN needed Binance their CEO was very rude and unprofessional. Soon Binance will need ETN but is it worth it? Not after everything that last email confirmed. In a few weeks/months ETN will be even stronger. Binance will be irrelevant, as far as ETN’s rise is concerned.

Binance isn’t making any concessions to anybody. I don’t think they have something to pick on ETN. And Binance on ETN’s list of exchanges is strongly needed for the liquidity to grow exponentially.

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I agree after what binance did we don’t need binance anymore they were rude and they wanted communities to vote we all voted on Twitter and then they don’t take us to the next round but choose a couple coins not many people even heard about I think in the future binance will want us on there but we can do it without binance also :face_with_monocle:


The exact opposite is a known fact for anyone who participated in the voting.

No, “Binance” is not needed. Any top ten exchange is just as good for the exact same reasons as Binance. Binance is popular, the number one spot more times than not, and as a name brand that is why people are obsessed with that exchange. ETN liquidity is going to grow exponentially whether Binance is involved or not. At this point, the river’s flow is inevitable. Binance made their choice.

You know why it’s in the number one spot? Because it has volume. And that’s what we need. For that we need OKEx as well.

Obviously. I was just about to say OKEx has just as much volume often times as Binance and can accomplish the exact same goals. You want and can only see Binance, I get it. Thats why youre acting as if having Binance is the end all be all when OKEx is just as good. If we get the top five exchanges without listing on Binance then this debate is moot. Who would even care about Binance at that point. ETN > Binance every day of the week.

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I don’t care about Binance, I care about ETN. And if Binance can provide the volume, let it come.
If Cryptopia reaches the number one spot thanks to ETN, so be it.
Exchanges for me are just a means of acquiring assets, as I don’t hold them on exchanges.

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Enjoy the rise friend. ETN is going places no matter what Binance does or doesnt do.


Amen !!!

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Witch exchange do you prefer most till the end of the YEAR:

  • Binance
  • Bittrex
  • Okex
  • HitBTC
  • Upbit
  • Bitfinex
  • Huobi
  • Bithumb
  • All from the list

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Here you have today TOP9
Or just see online data HERE

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