When are we going on binance?

We have lots of places already to buy and sell. People who say “when Binance” or “when Bittrex” are just doing it because they think it will cause a price pump, but that may not even happen. Just another place to be manipulated/dumped etc.

If ETN manage to create a real world ecosystem the number of coins that will absorb will dwarf the exchanges, ETN is made for people to use, so come on, let’s stop the tail wagging the dog (the tail being exchanges who think they run the whole crypto universe)


They did, before ETN created the foundations for its own economy. I agree with you here completely. I began to think this way as soon as ETN team made it clear that they were creating an entire economy just for ETN (and any other coins who want to pay to use their patent :wink:). API, direct vendor registration and the actual “instant”-ness of the payments is going to make exchanges a thing of the past. ESPECIALLY if they code in a way to buy ETN directly on the app. Richard Ells said this was a possibility but only much farther down the line. More immediate priorities to attend to.


It costs millions to get on Binance. We can’t afford that right now. When ETN is a top 10 coin, they will be begging for it to be listed. And chances are we don’t need any exchanges in the future. We should be able to buy and sell right from the app in the future.


In order to get to Binance you can:

  1. Pay up
  2. Win the vote
  3. Be invited by Binance to get listed, this being exclusively to the best projects out there

Until ETN creates its own market, we need any help we can get, and being listed on a top exchange is imperative.

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I agree we don’t need Binance its to much hassle while we can also get on other exchanges and get the same effect one day Binance will drown in its own greedyness and will tumble from other exchanges who will become much better where ETN who knows already might be on then :wink:

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An imperative is also getting as much ETN as possible now before it gets to expensive :grinning: