What's going on! :)



Where are all these buy orders coming from?


speculators realising ETN is a pretty darn good bet right now :slight_smile:


Yup because of the news that they will start marketing next month already :thinking:


Fingers crossed this is the beginning of the rise of etn…

Yeah we need to start Marketing especially since the instant payment system is now live .


it’s beginning in october.



Everything is crossed… been a while since we have seen positive growth. App miners down to 86k ( that could be because of updates ) we really need to get out there and take the world on… Rise above the best


Great to see Electroneum moving up faster than most coins this morning!


Big WHALES see the opportunity to make money. HODL strong :bow_and_arrow: :bow_and_arrow: :bow_and_arrow:


Ya, I think that wales find out that ETN start marketing in October and they know that marketing is a strong point of ETN so for them is easy money. Buy now… wait for 3x-5x and sell.


18 % upp ! Yoooo … big buy ordersss


I’m trying to get some more but BTC is taking its sweet time in appearing in my cryptopia balance … Come on dam you lol


How come ETN’s market cap has risen like $9 million in the past few days, but the 24h volume remains around $3-400.000?


2 days ago I put a buy order for 100k ETN at 81 Satoshi. it’s going great :sweat:




It is going up exactly when I wanted to buy. :smiley:


24h volume was like 200.000 last few days


Yes, but what I don’t understand is how the market cap rose like this. Over $10 million, with that low 24h volume.
I believe the exchanges are lying about the volume.


Hi all.

Market Cap doesn´t have to with the volume.
Market Cap is Circulating Supply x Price :wink:


Ah ok, you’re right.


Strap your seatbelts everyone! We are on the ETN galactic ship :rocket: our first stop will be the moon and after we will visit mars and more planets and our last stop will be the Ells Galaxy! :cowboy_hat_face: :rocket: