What happened to ETN Patent and others Announcements?


Do you still develop a mobile game and work on a Payment via SMS Feature and what happened to the “Monster” who should come? Thank you anyone for answers…



Mobile game? SMS payment feature? I am affraid I do not know what you are talking about with this…can you elaborate?

By the way you ask about a “monster” deal it looks like you are trying to find a reason to FUD. We would have to define your idea of “monster” compared to crypto in general. Seeing no other crypro in history has signed any binding agreements with real world companies, I would say having a real deal with The Unlimited is a “monster” deal in itself…but of course there will be a lot more.

I guess I should ask what your motive is for asking these questions. As if they would answer a random person on the internet with real world implications of doing so…Naga Bo, is that you?

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Don’t forget the Mobile industry was in the original white papers, even if Richard told himself, in a very first interview, that he wasn’t interested anymore about that for the moment.
He also corrected months later that it could be a perspective for the future, but long term future, after reaching mass adoption.

Monster deals, this expression has been used since the very beginning. We just have to wait and see.



I would like to get answers, because I want to know I if should invest my/more money into ETN or other crypto (I am an ETN ICO participant and did not sell any coin until now). But I invested in a idea that they will release a mobile mining game - as the mobile miner alone is boring to play. Is it not allowed to ask questions and every question regarding their announcements is FUD?

Official ETN Gaming Market Video to get informed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tibM2AQXUUk

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This is not financial advice, but I am. Continuously.

This might help:



If you are genuenly asking, that is great. But anytime someone uses quotes the way you did around “monster” while asking a question, it appears to be an open ended question which completely disregards what they have done as if none of it fits that category.
Again, it all comes down to your definition of monster.

In terms of the other stuff, Richard has answered those multiple times over the last year as the project has evolved.