What is going on with Electroneum (ETN) “Fear kills more dreams, than failure ever will” Do not give up!

It has been a busy several weeks for me, I am certainly still around and no I have not lost faith, sold out or am I gone from the face of the earth. Just like most of you in this space, I have to work, with everyday responsibilities it is hard to be present here and there all the time. I see many people are throwing in the towel and calling it quits, selling out at a loss and jumping onto other coins, in hopes of making up for their loses. The sad part is that you only loose when you sell for less than what you have paid. Do not give up.

Electroneum as a company has truly evolved and do things so differently to the rest of the crypto space. There is a lot of huge egos and tribalism everywhere. ETN as a company is the opposite to most projects making all manner of fancy things into their blockchain which only a very small niche of people care about and in many cases they are still making promises. ETN is heavily disliked by some in the crypto circles because ETN is a company behaving like a professional company and are focusing on building their user base from the ground up. There are projects in this space that may have a better code or a different tech but they have no clue about business or how to run a successful company.

Cryptocurrency and decentralized economies are changing the way that humanity interacts with the world. We are talking about a change on a huge scale. When it comes to investing in cryptocurrency it is a psychological war against yourself. It requires extreme mental discipline, it is not for everyone. There is something to be said about the way people interact in the Cryptocurrency market. It is almost completely sentiment and emotionally driven and until you remove your emotions from the equation you will always struggle to find the fine line. Most of the time what takes place in here does not make any sense. When a market is sentiment driven, price movement is driven by emotion. There is no way to come up with a fundamental algorithm with which to price the coin. There is a reason why we have the 1% and why most fall into the 99%.

Now, I hear the rhetoric – “I had been in this project from day one and they have not delivered” Delivered what? A lambo? People go through their entire lives, work 30 40 and some even 50 years and still retire without any significant or meaningful savings to their name. Is 18 months really that long? If you are judging the project purely on the current price which it appears to be the case, you are not going to be happy when I say that Electroneum is not a get rich quick scheme. It is a long play.

“Well I am not going to wait 20 or 30 years”. I agree. Absolutely not, but it needs few years, just like everyone else in this space that came before the ETN. If you take a look at some of the prominent coins and project in this space you will realize that they all went through similar trajectories. There is a huge disconnect that exists between what Electroneum has done vs what it is being seen as - in both the crypto world and corporate world. I could go for miles here about all the Electroneum’s achievements and their accomplishments, but you are all well aware of their amazing journey. Stick around and you will all see Electroneum is going to rattle all the cages in this space and far beyond, do not give up at this stage. Hold on tight until your knuckles turn white. The best of the wall street top talent cannot beat the stock market in the long run, so what makes you think you could possibly beat the crypto market. By all means, if it makes you happy and you feel you can do it, who am I to say otherwise, but always remember this market is irrational and does not make a lot of sense.

The team is working extremely hard, I have seen it with my own eyes, staying up late just to come back the next morning bright and early. They are NOT drinking their afternoon tea in a London café, they are out there making the deals and building the company. Do not expect too much, it feels much better when it arrives. Asking what is the news every Friday will end up in a vicious cycle, it is best not to expect anything, as it is not feasible and it only creates false hopes. You do not see the likes of Apple or Amazon every Friday telling its shareholders what they are working on, it makes no sense. When there is news or an update you will hear about it, otherwise do not expect one.

Yes, the easy thing would be to just go home and give up on whatever is giving you troubles sell out and move on but, what comes easy will not last and what lasts will not come easy. Do not lose sight of everything that had been already done by Electroneum. Do not give up on your dreams, as we are a lot closer than you think. If you are not following your dreams then you are not truly living. You have to figure out what it is that you want and chase it. Soon, your life will become a series of trying to get someplace else. Do not settle. Most people give up on themselves easily. They give up because they feel as though they have tried too many times and it just never works out. If you sold because you had to pay your bills or because you were up against a wall, I understand. But if you sold because you got angry and your emotions took over, in the few years when you look back you WILL regret what you have done. Everyone has opinions on who you should be or what you should do; do not let the noise of other’s opinions drown out YOUR inner voice. Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. You got into this project for a reason, stick to it. Fear kills dreams…fear kills hope…fear can age you…fear can hold you back. It’s so cliche to say live everyday like its your last. I am most certainly guilty of not doing this. I understand it is difficult to live like that but it is up to you to decide.

You have to trust Richard Ells, Chris Gorman, Chris Norris, Nick Cook, Nigel Pooley and the rest of the team in their decision making skills. I can tell you with 100% confidence that they are looking out for the best interests of the company and this project. Trust is never given, it has to be earned and he has certainly earned my trust. If he told me today, hey M I need to go over the side of the building in that scaffolding and wash those windows because we got something ETN related going in there, I would just do it.

Richard Ells is a visionary, when I first met him, I got the immediate impression of him that he is one of those guys you just want to do business with. He is one in a billion, I truly believe that. Most humans are never fully present in the now, because unconsciously they believe that the next moment must be more important than this one. But then they miss their whole life, which is never not now. Richard is the one that lives in ‘now” but plans for the future in a meticulous way. There are so many irons in the fire, why would you give up now? Not in the distant future, we will all look back and laugh at how everyone doubted Electroneum.

I am still flying my flags, every day there is a new Electroneum flag planted somewhere in the world, the adoption is where the rubber meets the road, and while most are talking about the adoption ETN is actually doing it.

Stay the course Ladies and Gentlemen

Well said @MSystem! :+1:

Thanks for taking the time to post this. The core crowd here has not, and will not lose faith in the team. Thanks for being part of us true believers in the project! :grin:


I’ve really been enjoying the updates from the team on the ground in SA, as well as the “non-official” team in Uganda putting the word out.

Seeing Nigel in country is great in it’s own right. I’ve come across plenty of corporate types that would NEVER walk the streets of a developing nation. If they have to travel there for the business, it is only for business, and by helicopter to each point. Says a lot about the team we have to me.


Nice words again. But its a personal matter for those who want to jump a bit around, let them. No problemo, if this takes time i understand why they do, and people should have some other eggs in the basket to, nithing is a shure case, not Etn either. Its not too late to join Etn, thats what they see, cos this aint tomorrow. But long always beats hopping. We love the project, but in the end its a old saying, never fall in love with your investments either. Then you get blind.
But true, hodl, follow up on spread and give it time. Reward is in the future.
And turn off phone apps once in a while, fir the heart.


Awesome words…

We never give up

We are just tired like all of you and the team

The fudders will NOT win

Electroneum will be a force to be reckoned with in the future…


Reading this makes Hodling so much easier :slight_smile:
Thanks M!


Let me just add that in my opinion I wouldn’t bet against a goal that is very important to Bill Gates.

OUR GOAL: Our Financial Services for the Poor (FSP) program supports government and private-sector partners in a shared effort to establish financial services for the world’s poorest to use to build more prosperous and secure lives for themselves, their families, and their communities


Thank you for writing this up @MSystem I couldn’t agree more.

Great wording I appreciate the thought and effort put into this.

We stand strong together

We are Electroneum :zap:

:bow_and_arrow: :bow_and_arrow: :bow_and_arrow:


Hell Yeah. That is all. Thanks M.


Brilliantly written , ever though of doing videos :wink::+1::+1:


Nice post, however, if the company is moving at a snails pace then most people who are at a loss could easily jump out and into Bitcoin or others and make money then buy back into ETN at a much lower cost. Cant blame them. Especially if Richard is saying 10 years. Although I believe more like 18 months.


Really good written. Thank you for those kind words. Thank you for all your contributions to community.


Great piece of work M. Respect!!!

what I noticed during the last weeks of ETN bashing is following:

the majority of investors only see price action but can not see the whole idea from a “person living in the developing world” kind a view point.
I was lucky to spend longer periods of times in the poor areas in the caribbean and asia as I am a social worker by profession.

Let me give you an example:

Imagine you a average guy earning 3000$ stand in your village and a foreigner passes by telling you: hey man, you know ETN…?just download this app and you will get 2000 $ for free every month (what is 2/3 of your income)…what would you respond?

would you say …yeahh ok I am in or would you rather say…hmm that sounds too good to be true…I dont like the smell of it…

what I want to say is: The moment ETN will be accepted as legit and honest it WILL go viral. How could it not???please somebody tell me.

I see the point. I too invest in crypto to make a nice cash somewhen and take it easy BUT on top of that I truely believe in the power of blockchain having the potential to change the world for a better. that is where ETN comes in. Enabling people in africa and asia to exchange value. How will that not go viral?please somebody tell me…

peace out


Nice post :slight_smile:

I’m still here but to be honest ignore most if not all of the fud/emotional stuff - been here long enough to not get caught up in it.

I’m extremely happy with what Richard and the team are doing and I don’t think it will be that long before intelligent people with money will see the opportunity sitting here at a crazy crazy price.


Great article when m system speaks we listen.

This company have set the foundations and yes they have changed from the original whitepaper. But they are dynamic business savvy people tapping into such a huge space with a mission to change peoples lives.

For the last year or so since I’ve been mobile mining and all I have thought is that when this is offered to people in unbanked countries how can one turn it down? Yes it seems slow for us as investors that the price doesn’t go up, but like you say M system. Great things take time.

Even if this takes 5 years to grow into a blue chip company, that is a small price to pay for something that can transform lives for the unbanked. We all know that mobile transactions are the future. We are now touchdown in South Africa, this has the potential to push boundaries and lives for the better. :iphone::earth_americas::zap:



Great write up @MSystem. Truly inspirational words of confidence and I could not agree more with the message. Thank you for taking the time to put these thoughts together and share with the community.



Thanks for That @MSystem…Positive as Always…:+1::+1: Brilliantly Put…Posted a couple days ago very Similair to you(But Not Nearly as Well written as yours…:laughing::laughing::+1:)…So GLAD to see because MAYBE people will Pay Attention to what you have to say…:sunglasses::sunglasses::+1:


In a world where everyone wants instant gratification, it is the patient people, the ones with vision who succeed. The future is extremely bright for Electroneum. Do not doubt, do not worry. Worry brings fear and fear is crippling. Check your emotions at the door and you will be one of the lucky few who succeeds as well!


Great words of wisdom there M


Hi and Welcome. Great first post!