Wallet available balance stuck at 4.86 not updating

My currently pending support ticket is CS-9263. :+1:

Thanks ok next - where is the link to log this hahaha

I just cut and pasted the address and posted it to the telegram chat to link to this discussion. Wallet available balance stuck at 4.86 not updating

CS-9327 this is my ticket. Does anyone have experience in response time? I organized a championship of an online game, where ETN is accepted as payment of registration to divulge the app. I already have about 15 new users who are mining and would not like to cancel for this failure, since the balance will not be updated in time to start.

If you just created the ticket you should get a reply tomorrow as they are already closed today. The support desk hours are 8:30AM to 5PM UK time.

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Basically, at the minute, say a friend transferred ETN to your wallet, you can not do anything at all with them.

They are stuck as a pending balance!

This needs to get sorted ASAP as it is just not mining balances that it is affecting.


Exactly what happened to me I recieved an incoming 155ETN and after the transaction turned from blue to green the balance never changed. Does not even show as pending in my case.

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The 2 newest green instant transfers have never shown up in balance along with this pending miner payment not turning green. Also notice it no longer gives me a wallet refresh no matter how many times I’ve logged out and back in. Same result when checking on laptop at website wallet.

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Hopefully they Will look into This fast it seems like more and more people are showing up with the same problem :neutral_face:


yeah I just got another incoming transaction all in the green balance updated but available balance still stuck at 4.86

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Unfortunately the first response from the support was very basic.
I mentioned this topic,.

I have the same problem…

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In order for them to prioritize the fix, I believe the best way is to open a ticket support.


I know for sure that they Will help you all as soon as possible they are resolving a lot of problems currently we all just have to be patient :blush: :+1: they probably already know about the problem and hopefully are adressing it as soon as they can :wink:

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I have too some type of BUG because i dont receive the last payment from mobile miner - the status is GREEN - but AVAILABLE balance is still mising the last payment and its more than 22 hours and multiple refreshs… So seems that there is something wrong…Here you have print screen.

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And i have an EXCEL that counts me the hours and days performance. So now i make mostly from 5-8 ETn coins per day that means 6,5*30(days in month)= 195 coins per month so its about 1 usd per month not like they are saying up to 3 USD per month. Just need to say it LOUD because we all know it. But i am from west and have a lot of coins from ICO, but for some people its not so CONFORTABLE… Here is my database - i have there all data from APRIL so i know when they boosted the miner and when is in slowmotion mode like NOW :smiley: image

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i have the same issue on my wallet… it stuck and not added on available balance

Actually, we can buy more ETN right now than at ICO, because it is cheaper. :smiley:

Both I and my daughter are having the same problem. Incoming miner deposits are stuck and I have more I want to move into the wallet.

Thats not bad @Mr.CryptoCZ :sunglasses: