Transfer submitted to the blockchain unsuccessful

Two days ago I did two transfers from two wallets to another third wallet, as I wanted to have all my family’s ETN in the same wallet, especially after this KYC thing. The first transfer went well, and in half an hour I already had the amount sent in the third wallet, but the second transfer is kind of blocked since then.
Has anyone come across this before?
The amount sent is important, not 10 or 100 ETN.
Maybe that’s why it got blocked?

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I think the etn team must solve this problem before mass adoption begins…:slightly_frowning_face:

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Same here, with 32 etn!!

on 10thSepth on Facebook there was a post by ETN that the payments will be delayed

Not ask mining payment … I asked the delivery of etn from wallet to wallet

Yes, no mining payment. So there is another issue.
But if you said that you have the same issue with 32 ETN, then my problem is not the amount I sent.
I opened a ticket, and they say that if the payment has failed, the ETN will bounce back to my account which can take a couple of days. This is my third day, so I contacted them again. Let’s see what’s next.

Can you write the reply here ?

Yesterday i was playing with the iOS beta app, and sent 3 consecutive 20 ETN transfers to the same paper wallet within 1 minute. Only the first transaction went through, 2 of them failed and are 21 hours later still marked “Retrying”.

Wallet Balance is correct, but Available Balance is down 50 ETN, is the failed transaction timeout really 2 days ?

A few hours later i did the same thing, 3 fast transfers to one paper-wallet, but this time with different amounts, all of them went through.

Is this a security feature, or just a random mishap?

This is the reply from the support team:


9 hours ago


If the payment has failed, the ETN will bounce back to your account which can take a couple of days. Please contact us again if you have not received this ETN after three days.

Kind Regards,


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The problem is that 5 minutes before I had this blocked transfer, I did another one, which was finalised in half an hour. So I don’t understand what happened.

So am i… :frowning:

From what I see, many users had the same problem when they made transfers on the 10th of September.

It is the 5th day already and my problem still persists.
I thought we made a step forward, and not backwards, like we were 3 months ago, when the coins didn’t enter the wallets for days, weeks or even months.
An instant payment that takes 5 days to complete is not what its description says it has to be.
So, I don’t know where is the issue, but hopefully you can get it solved soon.

i have transferred 40 etn (testing the beta iOS app) that have failed (Retrying > 48 hours), but going to give them another 2-3 days before i create a ticket at

Support are obviosly very busy now with the KYC

they are looking into it now…

I wouldn’t worry too much, unless you were planning on selling any ETN. The nice thing about the ledger system is that your funds are essentially “safe”, all things considered. What we have here is a great example of growing pains, as well as the necessity for soft-launches and beta testing!

Personally, I think it’s great that Electroneum has opted for a more public-facing soft-launch approach (for now), as it gets more people involved in the project, in addition to more ideas/suggestions being made by a wide user group. A few years from now, we may not have such luxury, as testing will need to be vigorous on a test platform before making it live, to minimize any issues. (Such is how things are with Fintech software)

My problem persist too…My transaction was on 11 september

Finaly receveid my payment :slight_smile: And you ?

Not yet…6 days later :frowning: