Transfer submitted to the blockchain unsuccessful

I’m still waiting for a payment from 14th September. It hasn’t even gone to the Blockchain

My pending transactions were sent to the block-chain today

i think this issue has been solved already

No, not yet, at least not for me.

Don’t know what more to do, the payment is still nowhere to be found. This is the 11th day already.
I didn’t have this issue before, except at the beginning, when the mobile miner didn’t send the ETN into the walet, even though it reached 10 ETNs.

same here after 17.10.2018 my transactions say retrying and i dont know what i do i open a ticket in support.

You can open one, but they can’t help actually.

why not help? its problem of the app or blockchain not ours lol. whe loose our money?

look is not my fault or something after the big transfer i sent a small and sent why?

The coins are sent and they are in the blockchain in any case, maybe the devs can help. But since at the moment ETN is still a privacy coin, at least until the KYC kicks in 100%, I believe they can’t intervene.

My best guess is that the amount paid is the issue here, as I sent over 200k ETN as well.
5 minutes before this 200k, I sent 45k and all went fine.

1 min before stack i sent again 200.000 and all ok but after all red

I opened another ticket and right now it seems that the payment is being processed.
Again, thanks a lot @Rach.