The relatively new market of NFT's and how we can use them

Here is an article describing NFT’s.

The sale of NFT’s that is going on for today only was having some difficulty in processing all the traffic at first but they seemed to have fixed it as I bought 4 of the 60 card packs this morning.
These NFT’s are based on the WAX token. The WAX token uses the cloud wallet here. You will need to create a wallet and stay logged in, in order to buy the
The sale is by credit card only so if you don’t have one and you would rather use WAX to buy them I can see that people are already flipping them on the secondary market for a higher than the original price here

Should I unpack this straight? Or wait? Now going to sleep… tomorrow or later look to that closer… any info here will be more then welcome :grinning:

I bought 2 packs of 60… what next? Should I just keep it and hope for good price in the future? Or I have to do something? Sorry for silly questions but I really new in that :sweat_smile:

I joined in on this new digital collection as well. It’s fun to consider how to proceed with the unopened packs!

You combine the build cards together to “level up” the card which burns cards making them more scarce. The rarity will be determined by chance. You are gambling that you will get lucky and get one of the more rare cards and then be able to sell it on the market.

But… how to combine it? :smiley:

This is the streetfighter WAX telegram channel

Thx… I will look to that when I have more time… btw… BTC… not stopping 54k… can’t wait for Alts season! :wink:

Sequence goes

My streetfighter card’s estimated value is already at $2100 and I put $400 into it.
I need one more Laura build card if anyone has one I will trade a rashid, balrog, cody or kolin for it.

Nice… I just open my packs… I can see some I have double or triple… I should craft… understand

I have e.g. Ryu and when I craft I have 6 option to choose with different % of chance… what that is mean?

Where you can check the estimated value?

so they way it works is that you craft to build cards to see which rarity you got. Then once you get a rarity that you like you combine it with another build car. Wait I’ll give you an example

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Thanks… waiting…:wink:

Sorry got several conversations going at the same time plus getting spammed on telegram by shills

OK… I am going to sleep now… I check it in 5 hours time :wink:

To trade your streetfighter NFT’s go here

Make an account/wallet at and keep it open and allow pop-ups in your browser on both atomichub and the wax wallet.
Go to and open your packs. The links are on the bottom of the page. There is an OPEN and a CRAFT.
When you click on craft all of your available characters that you can build will show in color.
Pick a character to build. The first thing to do is pick to build cards from the drop down menu and combine them to see which rarity you got.

The value of your cards is determined by 3 things, mint number, rarity and power level
First combine 2 build cards, you are trying to get a collectors edition or an action those are the two highest value.

So highest value is in this order
Collectors edition

Base cards are garbage. I think people are going to burn them to create more value for them in the future.
Once you get a foil or better add a build card to it to start leveling it up.
The best card you can get is a collectors edition at power level 5 with a low mint number.

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If you bring the card all the way up to level 5 then you will get an additional card called a crafting card and it will also have a rarity value assigned to it.
Here I will give you an example of before an after of me leveling up a power 4 to a power 5 of a collectors edition card. I got lucky and got one.

After…*sigh I got a garbage crafting card but atleast my Laura CE is level 5 now

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