The relatively new market of NFT's and how we can use them

Maybe I do something wrong… I have only power no higher but only base :frowning:

Scroll down, are you sure you don’t have a higher rarity card?

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I think all is depend of first craft… most I get is BASE but one right now I have also FOIL… is possible from FOIL go up to e.g. ACTION or not?

No, you can’t go from base or foil to action. Base is garbage unless really low number (below 100 right now).

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OK where I can check what I have? Because is a lot of them I think one of them I have collectors edition and one Action :wink:

I explained it clearly look above ^ go to

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Thanks… I start understand this more now… if you have 4 the same cards… and after first 2 cards craft… you get BASE… on that time is better to much 2 others together to maybe get better one Base … I think :thinking:

Question :wink: how do you know how much is estimated value of your strertfighter cards?

I have some cards for exchange… Guile, Balrog, Sakura, Sagat, Poison and Kate… I am looking for… Necalli, G, Ryu, Menat, Ed, Ken, Kolin, Acuma, F.A.N.G, Seth, Zeku, Falke, R. MIKA, Laura, Blanca…

Look at it says right at the upper right, estimated upper value

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Still can’t see… I do from my phone… maybe that is why?

NFT’s are coming to Walmart and Target via Garbage Pail Kids - Food fight, so get ready for that influx of new people. Also there will be a series 2 for Street Fighter NFT’s.

How can I buy cards on that market… I have to get WAX money first… or can I use Fiat money too?

I bought WAX on Bittrex and then sent it to my cloud WAX wallet. I was surprised how fast I got set up with KYC and my first deposit, it was like 10 minutes.
There is credit card gateway to buy WAX on the wax wallet webpage but I couldn’t use it as I am in the US.

I am not understanding your question. Which market and what cards? people training Street Fighters NFT’s there but I need WAX to buy it

Get it on Bittrex or use the credit card purchase option on the right hand side at the where it says buy WAX

NFT’s are going mainstream. The Garbage Pail Kids starting today with the series called Foodfight will have a redemption code to get a pre-minted NFT. Available in Walmarts and Target stores nationwide USA.

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