The real satoshi nakamoto



Is this indeed the real Satoshi Nakamoto?


I believe he is Satoshi. I watched his last presentation and it is incredible. Two of the core team say they think he his Satoshi.


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All the evidence suggests it.


I’m not convinced.

I have my suspicions on the real Satoshi. Firstly, s/he would have to be a hacktivist, with a passion to make the world a better place. Secondly, s/he would have to be one of the best coders in the world to design and create blockchain technology. And lastly, they would have to have good reason to choose to remain anonymous. I can think of one person that fits the bill. There would be many other anonymous people that fit as well. I think it was a really smart decision for Satoshi to choose to be anonymous. I’m sure one day we’ll hear more from the real Satoshi.


He is very arrogant and swears a lot. But I like him. :)lol


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Some people say satoshi nakamoto is a time traveller who came from the future to give us bitcoin .


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There’s a message in that if you look beyond the words.
Lots of physicists and mathemeticians of the past(Einstein for example) visualised the realms way beyond the eye of the telescope.
Not to mention how they function and maintain stability.
I feel
The whole idea of the Cryptosphere is solving the problems of the worlds existing systems beyond what we can"see " with the naked eye.


Couldn’t agree more. Many hearts and squirrels!




Ive always said “The future is written in the shadows of the hands of time”
Every time you look up the further you look the further in time you travel.
So all we are doing now with space exploration is actually looking at our past for the answers to our future.
With blockchain we look beyond the systems of the past s to improve the systems of the future.


So true. Our different perspectives are interesting too. I went to the Planetarium with my son to see a show that took us out to the far reaches of the universe. I walked out saying “That was so fascinating to get to look at the universe”. My son said “I thought that was really interesting to travel back in time!”


Ayeee! To see the world through the eyes of the child.
Without the clouds of the ages to obscure the truth.
I hold great hopes for our youth.
The teen gamers of today are the blockchain developers of tomorrow.
They have a far greater understanding of the cyber world than I can even imagine.
Now if you want to talk dinosaurs!


The future lies in the past.Everytime there was chaos in the world,humans always found an alternative.Cryptocuurency is the solution to the current problem.
CRYPTOS ARE INEVTIABLE.Those who don’t believe in it are left behind.Satoshi never wanted to have control or take credit for bitcoin.He just saw the corruption of the governments,politicians and decided to do something about it.
I don’t care who satoshi is but We all need to apperciate his work.


Well said,
With Satoshi its the vision of the distribution of wealth
Not just the wealth itself or the amount.
I see very similar attributes in Rong Chen…The"Father" of and the ecosystem of the Cyber Republic.
Evolution not Revolution.
Smooth transition to a brave new world!


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