The Fight the ETN Dump Club Here Thread

BTC needs to go over 4650$ and close a few candles in 4H time frame before i can feel a thiny bit bull, Shoorts are almost at all time high. I got a few realy bad feelings and 1 is tether and and XRP they can wreck many people. 2 this could be a BULL trap and many investors getting wreckd

I literally just got a text from someone yesterday and read the text above it… it was a viral message explaining and inviting me to sign up for Q a year ago. So weird that this came up today.

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ok, i’ve never heard about Q before. So you think advertising in their domain would increase etn awareness ?

OK, maybe it’s just a UK thing so far? - hang on i’ll find the message they get you to copy/paste -

I have signed up for this and as you know I’m no risk taker and look into thing very carefully.

There is NO risk. It’s not pyramid selling. You don’t pay anything or even give any payment details.

It may be worth nothing BUT it may just be worth something in the future.

I can verify only 5 people. Click the link below. You need give only your name and email address. Let me know when you’ve done it and I will verify you. The first 5 get the spots. You’ve nothing to lose and something to win (maybe, just maybe!). Good luck:

and then you get a link.

It seems to be working really well for them - I just think it’s worth saying to these people that if they’re willing to do this (sign up to Initiative Q) then they should seriously look into ETN and the mobile miner, which is actually in existence and provides currency you can actually spend right now.

That was the exact text, lol. I totally ignored it. Also realized it was from October of this year, not the last. My fault.

ok, i’m probably just missing the point
So this Q thing is like free signup, but in the end power to send “an invite or spam :grin:” down the pyramide to thousands of registered users ?

My Wife and I did this a few weeks back and they gave us 20,000 Q

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Yup essentially - but you earn Qs for signing people up - basically they say they hope a Q to be worth £1 in the future so you can see why people do it as it’s free and there’s the slight chance your Qs might be worth a lot in the end if it all works out.

Thanks, I finally get it now :joy:

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you and many like you - I think it’s a very powerful message to say ‘if you signed up for Initiative Q then ETN is a no-brainer’ or something?

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New personal video! As we are without any news at the moment I made a video explaining a little about the animals we use to give some figurative meanings to some market situations.


Interesting read, thanks for posting :slight_smile:

Hi @Nascimento`will you also post to my Youtube worldwide page each time please, I’m hoping to get videos from all ETN supporters. Obrigado. :grinning:

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Just received my coins into wallet:)) Liquid is the best :slight_smile:


Youtube support thread sorry forgot the link!

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I just posted it there too.

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I can’t understand a lick of what you’re saying, but I wen’t ahead and subscribed anyways. :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s like me on the T.A analysis page, I still go there though and just look! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The Auto-Translated English subtitles are hilarious though. Something Something “Bone of the Squirrel” :rofl: