The Fight the ETN Dump Club Here Thread

For the fomo newers.
The big news are already on, if you check etn timeline you will see every deal written down until today.
They are not allowed to talk about them due to kyc, once kyc will go live the hammer will drop.
Just take a deep breath and imagine 6-7 deals announced to you in a single day.


Have you raised a support ticket with liquid? I would do that. Does it say it was sent? Check address you entered. Did you check transaction on blockchain explorer to see transaction processed? Other than than I’m not sure maybe someone can help more?

Yes. They say that the transaction is succeded and no more info can be told. I’ve tried to check the wallet address but they can’t see it. Are simply lost

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Initially I set a target of 10k, in last January, and now I have more than 100k, and buying more


Fore you


Must say we got some positiv volume so it can go boom


Hopefully something is brewing


That Coindesk Consensus Invest 2018 pump. Some good stuff was said there. Really good stuff


I have sent some etn from kucoin to my etn wallet and i can see 51 confirmations in block chain explorer,but still cannot see any increase in number in my etn wallet …is this normal…??:thinking:

what did they say or do you got a link


I am 100% over my target it keeps moving. This Market is giving Tanwax FOMO today :star_struck:


Hope i didnt lost xxxk ETN…yesterday transfered them to online wallet…on Liquid it shows processed…when i look into my wallet they are not there…will wait a bit before contacting support :confused:
address is correct…

Or this means something is coming?

It can teake a while to get it from Liquid, they are in cold storage and must manualy transferd from Liquid.


The Blockchain tracks all go to the TX history on the Exchange and have a look.

I know, its now 24h since transfering…usually it came in 1 day…like I said, will wait a bit…I have right address so i should not worry much…


I’m sorry, I’ve watched your youtube video twice, but still I can’t see the connection between the shill’ing of Q-thingy ICO, your etn referral code and ETN

Care to elaborate ?


You are Giving Tanwax FOMO I might need to go to 200% of my Target.

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it’s really that people have been willing to spread Q via viral marketing. They’ve done a brilliant job and this video is basically about saying to folks if they were willing to sign up for Q which is pretty much vaporware then maybe they should look at ETN and mobile mining.

Initiative Q have opened alot of minds to the idea of ‘electronic money’. - Just might be another way in for ETN - as for my code, obviously it’s there for people to use or not,- but IQ have used referalls to huge benefit.

EDIT - the idea came about because I saw ‘non techy’ people posting about IQ - they’ve definitely managed to spark interest amongst the 99%.