The Fight the ETN Dump Club Here Thread

Anyone seen @PHXInvestors recently… Haven’t heard from him in sometime…


Last I was pm him he said he was stupid busy doing stuff. We will see him again!


A useful interview. I suggest you read it.

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Quite and interesting read. Can anyone enlighten me as to how people buy Crypto over the counter? Are there simply ‘desks’ you can go to like a bureau de change? Or is more a term for contacting your trader mate ‘Dave’ and saying send me some BTC and I’ll pop round with a few thousand pounds later…

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…or anyone interested in this could read this instead, I should stop being lazy!

As always, enjoying reading through the posts for lunch! Keep up the good work.
Will be busy today, work, and in the afternoon wife got plans for washing kitchen cabs etc etc :flushed::cold_sweat::weary:
Be back later in the eve or tomorrow!


Hide. That’s what real men do. Get camouflage and take supplies.


Wohoo my € hit liquid! Its buy time :slight_smile:


Any news from the street? about cryptos?


We got a daily growth of 3751 new users every day the last 6 days. Happy days


Christmas is coming, people get a lot of new phones. We need 3M registered users by the end of the year. I’d be upset if they don’t push the publish button for iOS soon. Great time to do it.


Hey BFA,
Four days ago I posted an article about Bitgo…(post #1231)
I mentioned here that I had emailed their support team in an attempt to get Electroneum recognised.
I recieved an email back from sales development.
They expressed an interest in more information.
I have provided them with the correct links to the Electroneum website,management and support.
Just the facts…see what happens from there.
I did happen to mention that we were the best project in the space with the best community ever!


Super. Relay great work :grin:


That is awesome i love it when people teak control and are doers, that is what drives ting forward. Lead dont follow is my motto and you are doing a great job, hope more people can us you as an example and push ETN every where it is possible, that is masse adoption work in real life!

If we are 100 people at his forum that push ETN in to places that can generate 100 new ETN users will give
10 000 new users and they buy 1000ETN 10M will be taken out of the exchanges. This is fighting the Dump an @Pahini is a General in ETN army


I was however careful as to how far I went with it.
Im only one of a thousand voices in this forum…not a team member.I was quite clear on that.
Im sure their platform would be of great use to many of us.
Looks rock solid.!


I think ETN missed out on a big opportunity. They are all about mining on phones / the cloud but what Sirin labs is doing is great. On Friday they are releasing a smart phone which is for crypto. Would be great if ETN looked at this and seen it as a way to take the next step and create a phone or something else which people buy and use to mine ETN. Would be fantastic as revenue and also boosting the image with smartphone tech people. Also taking into account the way iphone has apple pay we could have a ETN phone with Electroneum pay.

when we got live with 100M users, that will be mandatory, and it will come and much more belive me it will, because everyone will be leading a good trend and ETN wil be a product they want to be associated with.

yes Sirin labs looks like a legit company with a beautifull phone. But maybe it is a idea to collaborate with Sirin labs. It doesn’t happen allot when two crypto companies work together. Just taking the best of two and combine them. This is sometimes the problem in the crypto world that investors and believers some times take there coin a bit to serious like it is a religion. I think there will be more very good projects and so maybe it is better to work together than against each other.


Hi friends, today I would like to share with you the Maili from Richard Ells. Turkey is in talks with 2 mobile operators and demands that I participate in the mobile trial phase. I’m happy to be a part of this experiment.

Hello everyone!

In Turkey, we presented ETN in Systemkoin to help electroneum in some cooperation agreements, with talks between the two virtual mobile operator network operators.

We want to bring electroneum to a much wider audience in Turkey, which is one of our strategic areas of importance, and therefore we just want to know if you are interested in providing us with some feedback? We have won a community vote to give us a place on the Turkish YouTube channel of Kripto Emre-and he has now introduced us to the cryptomonetary audience at: Https:// is Turkish. So you may want to review, post comments, like and subscribe!
• Help Turkey become one of our first mobile trial/test countries • Be part of the beginning of the global mass adoption Movement • We have a wide ETN community in Turkey-but are there demands for mobile network integration?
Would you like to join?
• Do you want to use your mining ethics to buy your mobile minutes and data?
• We currently have two mobile operators who are almost ready for a trial run, so we just want to know, would you like to join?
• Become a pioneer of ETN!
Be part of the live Electroneum/mobile operator trial!

There is no expense of participation and you can earn free minutes/data and possibly a mobile SIM card for free.

In Turkey, we were asked to conduct a market research to measure the level of interest to ETN, which will investigate the magnitude of the test group.

For this reason please help us by clicking on the link below to select your preference. (We would like to note that there is no specific home page for this – we will analyze yes and no by clicks – for Yes or for no visit our home page).

Yes, I want to join in.

No, I don’t want to be a part of this change.

Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback
As always, thanks for the support you have given to Electroneum!

Good day, everyone.

Richard ells


Note: This is a really big one for electroneum, so when you click on this link, you are part of the Accelerator for change and you are directly involved in the future adoption of ETN!
If you’re not already open from, don’t forget to open an account!


Thats goods news!
I would definately join too if it were at my country.

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