The Fight the ETN Dump Club Here Thread

Is the limit while it is still in Beta mode? I assume there won’t be any limit eventually?

WHO is interested in such a low or lower ETN price?
you can see that there are more and more coins at kucoin sell side during day …now more than 4 mio!!! Up to 214…
I really don’t understand that.even asic miners must be interested to sell their coins at a higher price

Proud to announce we are finally live & accepting ETN:

Still adding more products by the minute


It is pure price manipulation. If someone started to buy up the line at 208 sats, then all the huge sell walls would instantly disappear. I have seen it over and over. They just put up those walls to drive the price back down, so they can buy even more cheaper coins. This is how many of the Whales get fatter and fatter.

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Wooww awesome!! 20 char


I like well done. Happy Days


Correct…in my opinion Electroneum should do something against this…
No good advertisement if a company is manipulated at exchanges

Thats awesome,
I wish your business wealth and prosperity.
Electroneum will spread faster every coming day with every new vendor listing.
Bring on the candies!


Much appreciated. Your good fortunes is well received. :heart::heart::heart:


Hahahaha ummmmmm welcome to crypto. There are bots and manipulation on all exchanges and coins. It could be Bootycoin and it would be the same manipulation.
Has nothing to do with electroneum or advertising whatsoever.


I just bought 7518 more ETN at Cryptopia. Doing my small part.
You know what stat I want to see? I want to know what the 24 hour volume is of all the transactions from the block explorer. Could we put that stat on the block explorer? @Egg
It would be nice to know at a glance.

edit: Both number of transactions and value in ETN and it would be nice to make it a clickable link that leads to a graph with 1d 7d monthly and yearly like CMC does with their graphs.


node.js is a popular web serving engine.

what about fiat etn pairing? today I bought etn for euro on


If you look at the fiat trading pairs with ETN and sort by price they are near or at the top of the list. The retail market dwarfs many markets so those pairs should steadily climb in volume.
If you look at the daily chart you can see us breaking away a small amount.


The BTC drop is what it is, but M-Kid are fighting on the exchanges, he is not at the forum, but i can see him in the numbers


Trust me, m-kid is not the only one who fight now! :wink:


Yes this limit is for beta purposes I believe

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WELL! Good Evening whatever, after a monumentally long day working I see our price still favours my Thursday payday! Yum yum ETN for dinner on Thursday. Was the podcast any good? I simply have no time to watch/listen to it now as I really must eat. Do you guys really think we are starting to decouple from BTC or are you just finding patterns to suit. (not an attack on anyone’s ideas, I’m interested to hear opinions…)



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Another video tutorial for the staff of Brazil this time teaching how to convert electroneuns into real R$