[Suggestion] Add ETN to Fiat convertion vice versa and Cashout feature

I hope there’s a feature in ETN App wallet where we can convert our ETN to fiat quickly or without transferring it to an exchange or other wallet.

Since there’s an instant payment. I think its more convernient for merchants for them to automatically or manually convert there ETN to FIAT to avoid volatility. This will also open partnership with money transfer companies like western union/xoom etc and maybe etn can add cashout features since etn is already have kyc feature.

Not sure if this will be added, but I really think it is important to protect vendors to volatility!

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Yes its important. Some merchants needs the money from etn to buy some goods and sell it again. If they get affected by volatility their money will sleep on their etn wallet or worst they wont use ETN anymore as mode of payment to avoid those conflicts.

That would be a fantastic feature, going forward. This would increase financial security and also confidence in investment for both vendors and users. Great idea

This should be possible and I have been writing about this feature since a while.

If you have heard of crypterium, the first crypto bank. I still regret not getting into the project during ICO, is having that feature on their app. We can buy crypto directly from the app.

I am checking more about how it works, however it has been declared in the email that the feature has been enabled.

ETN Should seriously look into adding this feature in the mobile app…