Staking ETN QT Wallet

I personally think ETN should have a qt type wallet for staking your coins. Is this possible? What do you guys think? :sunglasses: @Rach @BegaMutex @MSystem @ETNCEO

@BegaMutex is this a possibility ??


That is what I am hoping for, maybe if we can get enough votes on this topic we can push this through to the etn team


basically was the miner is. as it is simulated basically.
but a actual staking wallet would have been nice! :slight_smile:

Please don’t do staking. It’s not exactly a great thing to do when it comes to a currency especially. We don’t need to dramatically widen the gap between rich and poor.

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Don’t you think this will leverage the poor to gain even more for the asset they are holding?

This will also limit the senseless dumping on the exchanges, increasing coin value due to demand

From what I’ve seen,in staking, people who have the larger amounts gain even bigger stacks than any newer people starting lower and get in later, and then having no ability to catch up because the biggest stakeholders got in while the coins were super cheap.

To clarify, picture whales with hundreds of thousands of a PoS coin gaining hundreds or thousands on top of it since they’ve bought early at less than a penny. Then imagine how that works out in the future when the coin then costs $10+ each and newer people during adoption are only making maybe 0.1 - 1 ETN each during the same length of time.

Staking is the worst way to do a currency imo.

Once the coin reaches that type of value staking can be put to a halt. Main purpose now would be to stop the dumping of the coin to increase it’s value, and they do not have to put big margins/gains on the staking, just something so the people can hold on.

I’d love something like that. Either POS or masternode. Based on ETN techinicals, I’m not sure that’s a possibility, but it would be great to earn some interest on my stash, and not need to go broke with electricity costs by buying some ASIC miner

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