Referrals section in mining app: Error 6001

Hello community
I wish a good day for all of you
I want to report a problem about the mining app
I have a youtube channel i uploaded 3 video in 3 languages explaining the cloud mining app and i puted my referal code there so i started receiving referrals about 22 referrals so today i tried to check the referrals section in my app i geted an error like error (6001) : we can’t trait your demand !
I want from admins to solve this problem please
I’m usin ios app on the iPhone

Welcome to the community 1580. Great to hear you are spreading awareness.

For account related issues you will need to raise a support ticket.

(please note this is not the same login as your wallet…its the support system, so create a login if you haven’t already).


Hi, I get this error too since the updated app was deployed to my phone (iOS 13).

@BegaMutex - maybe this is a bug rather than an isolated incident. Can you get the team to check it out??

People should still raise a ticket M44. From the outside it may seem counter intuitive to report multiple times… but its actually helpful as it gives the team valuable info on the scope of the issue which helps with problem identification and resolution.

Only exception is if the team acknowledge the problem publicly (via social media or something similar) as that usually means they are aware and have sufficient info to implement the fix.

That’s why people are always advised to use the support desk if they have any problems. :+1:

Hi @Anis @M44FFW

Please can you let me know your ticket numbers, so that we can investigate this, thanks :smiley:


Hi @GazWills - I’ve not had opportunity to log a ticket yet as I need to create a new support account. I’ll try to get a ticket logged this afternoon and send you a DM with the ticket reference in

Hi @M44FFW ok not a problem, thanks :smiley:

Hi Gaz, welcome to the ETN family

Hi @RSKNOR thanks :smiley:

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Hi @GazWills
I created a ticket this is the number: (12349)

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Hi @Anis thanks for this, I will pass it onto our devs :smiley:

Okey thanks bro @GazWills

Hi @GazWills, just managed to log the fault. The reference is 12378.

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I have same problem, ticket code 12388 .


Hi @user1586 @M44FFW once i have an update from our dev guys i will get the tickets updated :slight_smile: have a great weekend all :smile:


Hello, i have same issue on my phone. My ticket number is; 12417

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Having the same issue, had 6 people referred to Electroneum, 24 hours later: same problem
Ticketnumber is 12370

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Hi @user1592 @user1596 thanks for your ticket numbers. If you havent already done so, please can you confirm the os version that you are using in the tickets. Have a great weekend :smile:

Okay i wrote it on the request. My phone is iphone 6S. Ios version is 13.3. The latest one.

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Hi there!
I also have this error code: 6001.
Where can I find that ticket?

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