Referrals section in mining app: Error 6001

Hi @stefan123 and welcome.

You need to go to, create a new account there (it’s different to your account here) and then create a new support ticket :smiley:

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Having the same problem here, haven’t needed a help account until now, figured I’d wait a few weeks and see if an update fixed it, got the “rewards” change But no referral page still getting the code 6001 and apparently the website isn’t safari friendly because It took some work and refreshing with a “browser doesn’t accept cookies” Bs to get the damn email link sent, now I’m stuck on the choose your secret password page and the faaker won’t do anything!

Excited to promote when anytask drops but not helpful if I can’t show my referral!

Finally got in after trying multiple things , what a headache, ended up using the chrome browser and using the password change link(even though I was never able to set the first password) but I’m in, 90% of the population would have walked away and given up- not a good thing

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@gazwillis I am using Android 8.1 on a Motorla G5s . But the support should be able to see it, since even this forum figured it out by itself after verification.


Hi all,

Thank you for all your input on this issue, our development team are currently working on this and hope to get a fix rolled out as soon as possible, apologies for any issues this is causing.

Hi @Anis @BegaMutex @M44FFW @user1586 @user1592 @user1596 @stefan123 @user43

The referral Issue should now be resolved.


Thank you… @GazWills


Thanks @GazWills, all working. I really like the extra info explaining you earn 5% of the referrers rewards. Please pass the positive feedback on to the dev guys :slight_smile:


Problem resolved! Thank You!


@GazWills it’s fixed good work from the team :ok_hand::clap:

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