Number 9th Exchange by volume has just announced free listing, ETN team please fill out application!

The team may want to look into this !!

EXX exchange launches token listing for free !!!

EXX volume is $247,873,637 USD
38,541 BTC

more liquidity for ETN is always a good thing !!

Nice thanks for sharing hopefully the team sees this :+1:

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This is another China exchange? Then it is a waste of time, volume will be fake/exchange is wash trading.

How do you know its fake?

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I think must of us our aware of this but Im just saying this exchange in particular do you have any information?

I’m not going to research every exchange in China when there is so much trade cheating/stealing coming from that country. Do you know how many times I’ve lost my job because China trade cheats and trade steals? At least 10 times. Look at our blockchain , they are mining empty blocks, f****** up our coin and they don’t care, “let the other pools process our miner payouts” - look up any category of trade cheating on any search engine and China is #1 result.
It is so well documented and proved that you can pretty much make a safe bet in assuming guilty until proven innocent. Just IP ban the whole country and slowly unban each exchange and pool when they prove they won’t cheat/steal and you need to constantly monitor them.

poolin only mining 10 transactions

F2pool mining empty blocks

114 transactions waiting to be processed. What’s going to happen when we have 50,000 merchants selling stuff for ETN and these guys still don’t care and won’t process transactions, even their own miner payouts.

But they have the majority hash power, look


I appreciate what your saying it is indeed concerning, but Im not sure an ipban would stop this? from what I have seen its a complex problem but clearly more needs to be done thanks for sharing your insight.