No, Electroneum (ETN) is not a game changer, it just aims to be one but is a steep road ahead



What a joke this guy.


And what?.. etn got everything that no crypto got. Its a gamechanger. In fact, ETN should be more than BTC now. Btc has nothing. Just ten years of speculation. No others either. Eth, no use. Its all, no legal deals, no Kyc. The price lacks just because most havent seen it yet. And their deep in others. Takes time to understand you got the wrong horse. And, the Nerds dont come, because the dont understand that crypto, without regulations will never be bigger than now. We are at peak. Those who interest is inside, the rest of the world gives a fuck in crypto and princips.
So. We bring crypto to people who just want something easy, benefits of crypto, and legal.
ETN is not aiming for the crypto enthusiasts. Its not there mass adoption lay. Its the world. Thats why crypto halted now, and no money goes into it. Because there is non that does the things needed for adoption.
Until now…
When legal money and the world flows into ETN, Btc will be a piss in the Ocean.
ETN does not need the crypto society…
If they will stand and watch, is up to them.
By now, thats why the price is still under BTC. But in fact, ETN is already more than Btc.


C’mon man this is going a step too far, btc and eth are top coins for a reason. Their innovation research and development puts them ahead in the game in this present time. A bit of respect for other coins goes a long way, dissing them loses cred for ETN


Motivating me to really start my first YT vid now… Both BTC and ETN are great for different reasons. If I get to it like I now REALLY would love to, I could explain where these pieces fit and can still work hand in hand with each other. BTC has great potential to be a store of value and new standard to compare value across many other assets, and will even be great as a savings. electroneum provides the quick and easy to use interface with fast enough transactions and security to be a feasible option for vendors and be extremely useful to especially those that are unbanked, while giving many with the interest of being their own bank the freedom to do so. Soon we could all have easy access to 24/7 markets and get involved at earlier ages with fewer steps. There is a lot to look forward to with both of these. I hate when people bash Bitcoin itself. Bashing the one currency we have with a set supply AND no known connection to any sort of central authority that has access to alter it in any way with any sort of management is more something that scammers like Roger Ver and central banker coins like Ripple’s XRP does. Those are the ones that want to be a “true global currency” and don’t mind sinking any other options that we have. It’s people like them who, if they actually succeed in their corrupt and/or delusional plans to dethrone a perfectly good cryptocurrency with trust of many and an exceptional history despite media trying to take it down, who potentially could erode trust of crypto in general once those particular currencies fail if they ever became wrongly accepted in the first place. Stop complaining about BTC, and let electroneum be crypto’s lead-in to this space and grant early use and adoption by vendors. We’re currently seeking escape from government fiat currencies anyways.