My opinion on how to get your KYC approved

Hang on. Key word “at the beginning”. I’ve been at this for 5 months now and getting nowhere. They’ve asked for a selfie after 5 months, not at the beginning. As for moaning it’s because they keep changing the boundaries all the time. You’d be as annoyed as me if this was happening to you. I have provided what they’ve asked for, then they just reject it and ask for more.

That is exactly my plan. I want to get my holdings out of the app, and I’ve tried but they locked my account for verification. It’s ok for you people who’ve had no issues with this crap, but they have messed me about for months, and I’m certainly not alone.

they rejected your selfie???

My selfie with a passport KYC was rejected from Liquid exchange last year. Quality, format, document info or perhaps the image doesn’t match the one provided.

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I never said that. They asked for a selfie yesterday in their email after rejecting my most recent set of uploaded documents. First time they have ever mentioned it. I’ve included it in my 70 pages of PDF I uploaded yesterday.

ID ok
Selfie with ID ok
Support document ok
Source of Funds Pending

Got in at ICO, after that coins were stored at paper wallet.
Now trying to sell.
Been rejected for two months.

Bought ETN with BTC that was mined with Antminers.

What kind of document is needed for getting approved?

send proof of income you had money to buy an antminer. send a receipt of buying antminer. just my guess

My support document verification is pending. Also, I stated unemployed while filling the information, since I lost my job due covid. However, while buying coins I’m employed. Will they trouble me for income proof

Your employment status doesn’t matter. The next stage of the verification will be your source of funds, you can submit a bank account statement of at least recent 6 months of transaction history. The bank account statement must contain your name and the address used in registering your Electroneum account, I mean the address you filled out in the ID verification stage

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Thanks for the prompt response. However, I still have small doubt. Two years back , while I was working I purchased ETN. Why should I submit last 6 six month bank statement. Becoz there are transactions since I’m unemployed. In my case, I have personal loan and there is no source of income to that account. I’m paying EMI by giving cash at bank itself.

You’re going to need to send all of the bank statements from when you purchased etn I suspect. Plus all of the trail of purchases/transfers between exchanges and transfers to the etn wallet etc. That’s what I’ve had to do. Still not approved yet though.

If you can attach a statement of account showing how you purchased those ETN, it will help your verification process a lot faster. So coupled with a bank account statement and transaction records of how you purchased your ETN will be good.

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