My opinion on how to get your KYC approved

You’re going to need to send all of the bank statements from when you purchased etn I suspect. Plus all of the trail of purchases/transfers between exchanges and transfers to the etn wallet etc. That’s what I’ve had to do. Still not approved yet though.

If you can attach a statement of account showing how you purchased those ETN, it will help your verification process a lot faster. So coupled with a bank account statement and transaction records of how you purchased your ETN will be good.

What about people who did not bought electroneum, but mined it at the time it was still mined? We dont have any proof of buying because coins were not bought.

For those of you who have been through the KYC process after sending or buying coins in the ETN wallet, were you eventually successful in regaining access to your coins and wallet? How long did it take? Is this really legal in the UK? I don’t think it would fly in the US.

It’s a requirement.

Feel free to have a look at some of the requirements placed on companies in the UK. This is a good place to start:

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