My opinion on how to get your KYC approved

How the verification works.

To be fully verified you just need, a government approved ID that isn’t expired and that’s listed among documents you can upload on the Electroneum verification portal.

The address you fill out on the form must be an address of where you reside that is the country your Electroneum account is registering as.

You may not open your Electroneum account in your home country, you can’t use your home country address as it is assumed you currently reside in a different country where your Electroneum account is registering as. So use an address from where you currently reside and back that up with a utility bill that is in your name.

Tax number is optional for some countries on the form and required for others, please fill out your tax number and upload a document as prove of source of funds in the supporting document section.

Most people use their bank account statement, ensure this bank account statement is at least recent 3 months of transaction history. It should carry the same address and name as you previously filled out in the ID verification stage.

Trust me, if you adhere to all these, your verification is a one time approval.

Just ensure you take clear pictures of your documents and if you are wondering how you will combine several documents, do so in a single PDF file and upload.

For those seeking to change their address so as to match with their current place of residence.

Raise support ticket requesting that you did love to change certain details on your profile.

Don’t raise more than 1 support ticket, if you raise multiple tickets, you will simply delay the process and cause a huge backlog.

All you need to do is reply the one you have raised.

I hope this helps those struggling to get their verification done.

And for those without bank account to use proof of source of funds, go and open one and transact with it for sometime before you go can use the statement, transactions done should cover the worth of your ETN holdings in your account.

Another important thing you can do is if you can attach receipts of your purchase of ETN during the ICO stage, you can add that to your bank account statement in a single PDF file.

That will really help a lot too.

“proof of source of funds” as far as I understand that step is the hardest to pass for many people. Upparently you need to upload all chain of history ftom how you bought ETN to how your ETN land of your wallet.
That is a lot of paper work and next hard mission is to attached that all in one PDF file (with correct PDF size to be possible to upload).
Any thoughts how to easy make this? Thx

For me I didn’t upload all that, my transaction history on my bank account statement was enough to prove my source of funds.

I only uploaded recent three months of transaction history that covers more than my ETN holdings in my account.

I didn’t attach any ETN receipt of purchase from the ICO or things like that.

But if you have it, it can be an added advantage but from the people I have guided throughout verification, they never used such.

Just make sure the name and address on the bank account statement matches what you filled out in the Identity verification stage.

Is etn still locking accounts now?

I’ve been lvl 3 since the beginning. Kinda scared to move my etn on the app and trigger this kyc mess.

Check your verification status. Login through the Electroneum website, click on settings, click on profile and you can know your verification status.

If by “locking accounts” you mean stopping account usage until they pass the KYC/AML regulations as required by law… yes. KYC is still a requirement on the Electroneum wallet. That wont go anywhere.

Holding vs Sending wouldnt make any difference I believe. Either you have sufficiently proved you can fund the ETN in your wallet or you havent. Only receiving more could require more information.

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if you send out to a paper wallet and then import back, could that trigger it or will the system recognise that’s what you’re doing?

It could put people off using paper wallets if it didnt.

As long as you will use the online wallet, you need to get verified.

Except you are using a wallet with its own private keys and that is available. There is GUI desktop wallet and CLI wallet that doesn’t require KYC.

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No physical way the system can know that an imported paper wallet is the same funds. Its a privacy blockchain. However, if a similar amount of funds are going into the wallet as were already verified, then I dont see why further info would be required. Which makes sense… if you proved in KYC already that you can fund X etn… no reason to prove again.

The AML concept is pretty simple… can this person afford these funds (or justify how they earned them) or have they received them from someone else (i.e. money laundering). It’s that simple.

People can always import the paper wallet using CLI/Desktop wallet if they are worried.

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ok, so the ETN app will show the OUT transaction so the IN transaction can be easily explained as putting them back without having to do any legwork?

That would depend on a lot of factors… again, different for each situation and what information has been provided. If you look at the recent tweets from the team, there are two distinct types of KYC/AML cases they are having to deal with, simple and much more complicated in-depth cases. Crypto makes the whole situation much more complicated and alot of cases are unique.

Only the support team have had the KYC/AML training and know the legislation… questions need to go to them. :+1:

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I think i’ll leave em where they are and wait for this all to blow over :smiley:

Have you done this recently or long time ago? (Proof your source of funds)


And I have guided like two other persons that have gotten full approval.

Follow what I outlined, you will surely get approved.


Interesting. I’ve been locked out since January still working on getting approved. The last stage is proving to be the most difficult.

Just follow through with the reasons given in the rejection mail and try to fix it. You can equally look into my possible solutions I highlighted on this thread.

Recently I had my account locked. I have passed KYC months ago. My questions is if I help a family member, or a friend buy etn (they send me money I buy ETN, and send it to their ETN wallet or sit on it until a later date) how do I prove it’s a legit transaction? I don’t know what to send to get this sorted out? Any help would be appreciated.

Ensure the family friend has passed KYC too so they don’t have issues with withdrawal.

They can register an Electroneum account and proceed with KYC immediately.

As long as they have the required documents to submit for verification, once they are verified, they can receive ETN into their wallets. Although you will be the one buying for them, I don’t think that should be a problem.

I have equally helped friends to purchase ETN and send to their wallets but I always ensure when they register an Electroneum account, they begin their Verification immediately.

Don’t know if this helps.

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No idea Thunder as you shouldn’t be buying ETN using other peoples money. That is literally what the Anti Money Laundering laws are there to stop.

That’s one for Support to answer. Good luck mate.

More and more people getting locked… no many good messages about unlocked… are we getting better with that or worst? just wondering :thinking:

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