MWC Barcelona 2019


Fantastic !!! Nice one @MSystem

Thanks for letting me know @30e87661f403410a1749 i appreciate that !!!


I added this event into coinmarket call :slight_smile:


Nice , voted on the confidence side…

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Maybe we will get some amazing news from the team as a valentine’s day present :smile:


Dedicated mwc sever rack ready to go. :slight_smile:

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That is amazing! I so wish i could afford a little miner. It would be so fun.

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Those are mostly network switches in the office, servers are above and in another rack, wish I could point them towards the thorshammer. No idea why it has mwc on the door. Just a coincidence I noticed it today. :slight_smile:


Wow that is awesome that it already had mwc. I hope it is a good sign of something amazing coming

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Yeah I don’t know him

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In 2018, more than 2,400 exhibitors were present at MWC2018 including Electroneum. More than 107,000 visitors from 181 countries came to the fair.
We need some game changer and get attention from some big media not like last year only from Romania - but we see that due to this is our app in TOP20 financial app at App store in this awesome country and they have millions of population i think 30 milions, we can gain attention in Ukraine or Poland etc…
We need this make reality at every country :wink:


I’m Bullish on some Good news coming out of the MWC. Richard mentioned in his Video that they may announce one of them a week before conference. I’m expecting something by Monday the 18th.


I agree we should hear some news within the week, I still have no idea what it may be. What is your opinion on what it may be? :thinking:

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I’m thinking a Mobile Partnership for one of the announcements is obvious. I think ETN would want to announce that partnership at the MWC. By waiting to do this there, would create a buzz at the conference. What better way to get the word out while being at the conference, than to make a partnership announcement in front of other mobile carriers. Logically it makes good strategic sense.

Whose the partnership?. No clue. I’m thinking a low to mid level Mobile carrier.

The second announcement could be announced by Monday. Probably the launch of the Gig Economy ecosystem platform. Which will play a big part in the growth of ETN, especially for the third world countries.

BTW thanks for the welcome.:wink:


That’s a good opinion thank you for sharing :+1: They sure have kept us guessing. Im very excited to see the gig economy rolled out.


This is great insight I agree with you we should be evangelized around the world by the press. I believe every one could benefit from ETN on there phone.

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Think 30 sec on CNN… if ETN is in touch with UN, and a follow up on 60 min.


With a recording device hooked up to a livestream feed like Twitch, then a monitor that shows how many people are currently watching the feed would be good exposure. Not only for people watching around the world but also for visitors. Bypassers would see that this project has a great community.

Why not have a screen with live update on numbers of users, facebook followers, telegram users on the screen with live feed covering the stand?


We need a gif of this before Monday. :slight_smile: