MWC Barcelona 2019


Hi Everyone,

Awesome news! We’re attending and exhibiting at MWC2019 in Barcelona from the 25th to the 28th February. If you’re there make sure you visit Hall 7 (stand 7i90) because you’ll find our unique stand that is radically different to anything there. We’re excited to show our maverick personality and showcase everything ETN wants to achieve.


“Maverick” hehe that is a nice comparison.
Best of luck, can’t wait for it :slight_smile:


Can we please jump trough time to MWC? :smiley:


wonder who the mystery person or people are?


That was a very upbeat video from Richard , absolutely loved his enthusiasm…

I personally cannot wait for the news to come out and the cloud mining to begin full time.

I believed in this team and its vision from the ico and I still stand behind you cheering you all on.

I have a question about mwc19 @Jade_O how can we watch the news or see the stand etc will you be doing a live stream , because that would be great . To let the community who can’t go , see what is happening at the stand and how many people are there etc etc.

All of us here In the community are very excited…


Tickets, for us deadly persons? :smile::sunglasses:


We are getting ticket to the moon lol


Moon is just a basecamp?
Moon aint a starfleet voyage😊


Great idea. I would travel down if it was a handable price for regular folks.
Dont know if Etn can give some videofolks some passes, or they already fixed it.


It would be great p.r for the company showing its investors, community miners etc what’s happening. That would bring in fomo


When moon We the Electards will have a party there every year there will be 1,000,000,000.00 in attendance at least.


Oh my, i think will just invite you early prophets for a viking feast at a nice valhall :blush:


Great stuff! I The most favourite part for me “I am quite excited to get over there and do some MORE deals”

Many companies will be interested and this time around, this MWC is going to be MAHOOSIVE. :iphone::rocket:

Huge congrats to the team, I wonder who is going to be helping stage ETN. 1 month ish to go :smiley:


We have done guessing. :grin:


David Beckham?..


Rofl… :smile:
We shall draw it towards etn, not autographs


Jokes aside, the star is Richard Ells I don’t think anyone at the MWC would recognise David they are way to geeky haha


Its the rythm players in the background. Ells is Dickinson :sunglasses:


Ties in well with this Twitter remark:


Is it Harry Redknapp, who is an early investor ? :flushed: