MWC Barcelona 2019


That’s would be fun Harry is a fantastic bloke and king of the jungle… lol


Except no one else outside the UK knows who he is…i doubt it would be him, as person would need to be recognised by most people attending the event.


harrys football career is amazing and has travelled all over the globe . He may not be as famous as Beckham or Pele but I’m sure he is known over the world.
Football teams get fans in the most far reaching places …

Thankyou for your input . i get what your saying we need a face we all know
Again this is just a bit of fun.
Me personally I don’t think it’s Harry I think it’s branson


Branson would be amazing.


Harry is well known in the UK & Ireland and in football circles and media. I like him, he was manager of the team I follow.

He is a very funny guy and a great story teller, but he wouldn’t be right for a global focused company like Electroneum and I was really only joking mentioning him, in particular having remembered he had tweeted his interest and excitement in ETN at ICO stage.

I think he said he wouldn’t even know how to switch on a computer (during his trial, how did he tweet then…) so he might be seriously technically lacking to spread our brand.


@Jade_O Will there be a live stream set-up for the international community that will not be able to make it. :slight_smile: thanks


I wanted to add Bob Geldof to the list of surprise person at MWC


Jonne viking would be even more show. :joy:


Edit: I realize this is MWC thread, but would be doing you a massive disservice not to share lest you miss this:

We all make up Team Electroneum, and your comments are very kind, but realize this mega production reel is nothing without the community behind it. Like the video says, the community is one of Electroneum’s greatest assets of all.

If the material inspires you, feel free to share wherever you see fit. If your network extends to Japan, Korea, India or China consider sharing one of the translations, the viewers will be delighted :bow_and_arrow::bow_and_arrow::bow_and_arrow:


Yes, thats an amazing post and understandable video. I have posted on Fb already


Just remember to tune into the live webcam that will be streaming the etn stand during the entire conference. :slight_smile: It’s called ‘fometnmooncam7i90’



It’s ok ima not flag you for spam this time. :wink:


Haha, so funny. I wrote a comment then started reading through the replies. You beat me to it. Was just thinking it’ll be painfull for us during the even. We won’t really hear about new progress made there untill well after any deal is done. Not to mention the fun. :slight_smile:


Hi Plank, Msystems is going to the MWC and has promised me he will deliver on a video and photos of the ETN exhibit, please remind me and I will send you information as I get it. Cheers buddy…shine bright.


Fantastic !!! Nice one @MSystem

Thanks for letting me know @30e87661f403410a1749 i appreciate that !!!


I added this event into coinmarket call :slight_smile:


Nice , voted on the confidence side…


Maybe we will get some amazing news from the team as a valentine’s day present :smile:


Dedicated mwc sever rack ready to go. :slight_smile:


That is amazing! I so wish i could afford a little miner. It would be so fun.