Mobile Wallet System Functionality Fully Restored


Hi everyone!

A quick update to let you know that the mobile wallet system is fully tested and restored for instant payments and regular transfers.
Please be patient for regular (exchange) transfers as transaction levels could be quite busy for a while.

We look forward to more instant payment store integrations next week.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Thanks @ETNCEO for your excellent communication in this. It is much appreciated!


Hi,good day to you and I must say I commend the great effort of you and your team in revolutionising ETN…I sure hope u have BIG plans for the African continent…That being said I and my colleagues want to spread the word in our school about the huge prospects of ETN…let me know how I can be of service…Thnx

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We certainly do! We are working hard to launch with multiple mobile operator partners in Africa as well as helping agents create a revenue stream by becoming Electroneum Agents, allowing remittance to be sent around the world and cash in and out of ETN.

Have a great day!


Hi Richard,

Thanks for keeping is all upto date.

Just one question, is there any jobs at electroneum? - would love to work for the company :slight_smile:

On a more real note, how are things progressing with the integration of ETN with the mobile operators?

Thank you for creating such a great project!



Thanks for the awesome update Richard i am glad that they are back up! :sunglasses:


Thanks @ETNCEO for all your teams hard work!!

Best wishes,


A great big thank you ETNCEO and your team for all you hard work. It is greatly appreciated by us mobile users. The effort and care you and your team constantly maintain is noticed and valued. Thank you


Allow vendors to have a secondary wallet for employee tips!


Roger that. Thanks for the update


Yes many thanks for the update! Most appreciated!