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Hahaha. True. I would faint if someone gave me a months worth of money. I guess everyones when lambo is different. At 2 bucks a day I think the dream would be $3000.


Yep that’s why I said share half and did it three times @BigBrother305


Interesting post, not surprised to see any cannabis coin sky rocket due the the vast success of legalization happening all around the world. I see they got a cease and desist order from the SEC so I’m guessing they offered a direct return on investment or they wouldn’t have done that. They must not have registered properly and followed all the requirements to operate that way.

Anyway though, that aside I am a huge legalization supporter so I’m good with crypto participating in the industry. I’ve paid close attention to cannabis science for the better part of the last 20 years. Lot’s of very promising findings with medical research thus far. I don’t think we’re far from it being removed from or dramatically lowered on the scheduled substance list as it should be. Then research can learn so so much more and it’ll be really beneficial to the world. Even if you don’t support recreational like me, I think everyone should support the medicinal side at least.

My own state legalized in 2016 and we’re supposed to have our first stores open this fall finally. Again for the non supporters, you should see it like alcohol only in the sense of people using responsibly. It’s a far safer substance as well and non toxic. I do want to point out a few very positive sides medically though it’s quite fascinating.

Things it’s helped:

1. Parkinson’s patients

2. Seizures - it’s helped a ton of people whom have continuous seizures. I read and saw
some cases from upwards of hundreds a day non stop to 1-2 incredibly fast.

3. PTSD - Also it’s helped vastly with soldiers or anyone with ptsd cope far better

This is just a few things of course, we need a lot more medical science to occur here. Having lost my sister to cancer a few years ago has had a big impact on me as well in wanting to help inform people of the possibilities. There are far too many stereotypes of cannabis users, which fortunately are starting to dissipate now that it’s become so mainstream. This is just my little blurb and I hope it leads people to do more research on the subject read the current science and see the how vastly the pros outweigh the cons.


Not to mention the drop in crime rate and freeing up the court system, legal services police etc for more important matters.
The health of the populatipn improved somewhat and the suicide rate dropped.


Indeed! Each time recreational comes to pass crime drops significantly which is another fabulous effect of legalization. Another thing to point out with crime is it’s taking A TON of money away from the cartels too which is a beautiful thing. Also for those whom were concerned teen use would increase thus far it’s been proven to either remain the same or even drop based on statistics.

So many were worried when it came to pass the sky would fall everyone would be so high they’d cause tons of accidents & crime would balloon out of control and thus far it’s been the complete opposite. Support for legalization is sky rocketing every year everywhere. In the U.S. it’s approaching 60% + favorability for the general public.


I wont go into “Recreational” because…

1.Its not my cloud
2.Its illegal in my country

If I were to recreational…

1.I would never pass a drug test to drive a vehicle
2.I would never pass a pre-employment medical
3.I would never pass a random test. (Employment).
I firmly believe that cannibinoids will revolutionise the pharmaceutical industry.
Its only just the beginning.


Honestly I think it’ll be legal pretty much everywhere in the future. The momentum is incredible
right now & well in regards to driving in time we’ll have level 5 autonomous driving which will greatly
surpass even the best sober drivers. I’m a huge Tesla supporter so I think in the future that won’t be
an issue for many.

I think rules on all of those things will change, although it’ll certainly take a while. I also 100% agree on cannibinoids revolutionizing the pharmaceutical industry. They’re going to play a significant role long term in many new therapies.


Thanks once again. U made my 2019 to be completely grateful. The best gift I ve ever been giving.


Just the feeling I had wen I saw it in my wallet.


As long as you use it for yourself and others for a better life. X


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In Washington state USA. it is legal and they have Weed stores.

The one below is the closet to my home,

The biggest problem is that it is an all cash business and the shop owners have to pay taxes in cash so they literately have to carry bags of cash down to the tax office to pay taxes.


Being put through the legal system for it is ridiculous and potentially can damage your life. I love the stuff, always have. However, it does have negative effects, especially on young or fragile minds.

Hopefully better education will entail. Kinda like the gun owner with kids. If you just hide them and don’t educate your kids about them, use them safely etc. guarantee most kids will try find them and cause trouble, like accidently firing them in the house.


My main interest here is the extracts for medicinal use.
Thats where the mega dollars are with the cannabis industry.
Its just the laws in most countries both import and export classify it as one thing only.(Narcotic)


Yeah now that regulations are starting to relax proper research can be done on this historically cultural plant.


You’re correct, that is why they need to deschedule it asap and legalize on the federal level so banks can allow it. Most of them hire private security firms which are very expensive. We’re overall quite close to having it occur though, there is a lot of support and it’s growing quickly. It shouldn’t be there anyway, anyone who reads the studies behind cannabis will learn the worst you’re gonna have occur is a major case of the munchies.


A Narcotic is an opioid derivative. Just saying


Same here, I’ve used it for a long time and I don’t think kids should use of course, I agree with our law here being 21+ being an appropriate age for consumption just like alcohol. No one should be put through the legal system for it, it’s just not a criminal act to me and I see it like tossing someone in jail for a bag of oregano.

Luckily, information on it now has become so readily available due to legalization sweeping across the globe most of them are learning the proper facts about it pretty easily. Hiding is never the way to go about it I 100% agree with you @Metaforia on educating them, best way to go about it.