Massive Price Gain-PARAGON


Kyber crystals are used in light sabers
Stoners like starwars (generally speaking)
If there was a connection it would be pretty hilarious but I doubt very much there is, just my imagination XD


I heard KuCoin did lightsabers…


Yeah? Fill me in please
I’ll be back, off to get some natural dopamine release from running about in the hot sun


Being a star wars fan I knew that Kyber crystals were seen on Ku


Ah right, duhh haha. I’ll check it out


I’m watching it and it shot up wow who would have thought!! I think double what’s your bet?


Can we bet ETN on where it will go!?


The new year will be a good one I just gave a man 10k ETN!!


May I ask who this man is and why? Lol


It seems to be free for all, why not?
@Metaforia probably knows more than I do.
I got lost way back!


Lol. Imagine seeing the paragon gains and FOMOing at the top. That would be a terrible 2018 end. Lol


I spoke to him and he earns $2 a day on a 13 hour shift because he doesn’t get paid his break he doesn’t return my PM until days later and he deserves a months salary


I gave him 1k now I think :thinking:


doctore2hot is his name

This is why I do it! :sunglasses::+1:


Yeah that would be terrible


How in the world was he buying ETN on $2 a day??? You are quite generous. I wonder how he is able to convert that to fiat.


@BigBrother305 It’s the last he’s getting!


Why? Lol 20 20 20 20


@BigBrother305 Cause he will start expecting it!


I told him to share half every time with his friends