Massive Price Gain-PARAGON



I watched this go parabolic 12 hours ago.
Exciting as it was, it soon came to an end.
Sometimes its more fun just to watch!!


Crazy haha. You are right; it is fun to watch. Its a risky business getting involved in that kind of activity so I stay clear of it and look at the long term gains. I saw some weed coins getting delisted on cryptopia recently. I think we are going to see a lot of coins die out in the next year or two. Some people still go for the fast bucks though. It’s too risky for me though. How many can succeed? It seems that now other coins are seeing the writing on the wall for KYC.


So the coin got high , the buzz dropped a bit , it had another hit or three , got really high , then chilled for a bit then got off its head and then fell asleep after eating a tonne of munchies…

Shame we didn’t see that one coming … hahaha thanks for the share …


Was amazing wathing the market cap grow.
I Saw it hit nearly a billion Australian dollars.


Would be something I would like to only watch if only I knew where to look :eyes:


nobody heard of the exchange they are listed on haha



Think they were on Etherdelta or tidex I don’t know really



Sitting on about 40 cents AU now…fizzer hey.


A new booming industry too due to being subdued by governments for so many years :thinking:


I guess camping coincodex as much as possible looking at the live feeds would do it. Real hard work, even harder than my job hehe


This is what WCI is showing PRG went to %206 Still a respectful gain but no where near the %10,000 called out in this artical


Cool find bro!
20 squirrels


Oh I know.
Its all pretty Black and blue across the board.
Good to be aware and do research from all Angles before investing in any project.
If in doubt …choose Electroneum !!


That’s the way I would do it.


Shame I counldnt have watched it on their exchange!!


KNC is on a nice incline in past 24h

Starwars! The bud smoking whales are out? XD


Interesting I never saw the connection?