KYC ! Electroneum please be careful

Absolutely, just ensure that only you and the ones you want have the private keys, it is very important to make sure paper (offline) wallet is safe. Security is always a major factor.

Also, I have just written a guide how to check paper (offline) wallet transactions/balance, keep an eye on that, hopefully it gets approved soon :wink:


can i directly send etn to paper wallet using mobile wallet just hitting the send button? it would not get lost on cyber space?

It will not be lost. Just ensure when you send from mobile wallet that you send to correct paper wallet address! Double check!

We can also confirm that transaction has arrived to your paper wallet once you have sent it from mobile wallet, this is done at the guide that will be approved soon will help you understand how to prove transaction from mobile wallet to paper wallet.

If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to drop me a private message :slight_smile:


thanks a lot dude… i have already bookmark our conversation here… it would be nice if we can follow someone in this forum


ETNs goal is to become mass adopted, that will include KYC and AML. It needs the corporate partnerships to get the vendors accepting ETN. People can get monero for private transactions.

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There won’t be Mass adoption of everyone needs to go Tru KYC.
People are lazy or just don’t want to bother.
If KYC goes live I will be removing etn from my wallet and continue with other projects.

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I hope you realize but after a few years, Electroneum might be a different kind of animal.
Because of the high number of the transaction, we might end up with a “pure blockchain”~no privacy of any kind.
Also if price increases a lot the team might add another decimal to lower the transaction fees so if you now have 10000 Electroneum you might end with 100000 in a few years.

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Hmn binance and cryptopia dont require KYC.

Binance does, Cryptopia doesn’t.

exactly why i was asking about hardware wallet integration. it removes that internet connection problem. most people buy a computer to connect to the internet. seems a bit of a large cost to buy a computer to only use it for secure transactions!
slightly off topic. i’m all for KYC. regulations are requiring this for blockchain tech to become widely adopted. we will have to pay tax on profits…so whats new! (obviously depending on where you live). alot of potential investors main concern that keeps them away from investing is the thought that it is used by terrorists and criminals. eliminating these concerns can only be a good thing. i have already had do this process with my main trading platform before i even began trading (gdax/coinbase) last march and a majority of my other investments are in the process of or have done the same thing

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Well I use binance and didnt do a KYC. I think the withdrawal limit is 2btc. And if you do KYC it becomes higher.

Before i was aloud to trade on Binance i had to send them everything. I even had to take a selfie with me holding up a piece of paper with the word “Binance” on it with the date. This was in September 2017.


lol haven’t heard of that one! i had to take a selfie holding up my driving license…both sides! for one investment recently

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Yeah, Ricardo i had already sent them my passport but then they wanted the selfie with the piece of paper with the date. I assume it is so they can cross reference the passport to ensure you are not using someone elses Credentials.

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i suppose a selfie holding photo id is the way to go then!

I think it could vary from country to country.

So basically a custodial service, which would handle your paper wallet for you. Could work, as many companies exist just for this service; your investment is then in their hands, for better or worse. If someone like Coinbase added ETN to their current custodial service, that’s one thing. If it’s some new startup without a reputation existent, then be wary.

Whats KYC. Were can i find some info.

Video update at the bottom:

Guide completing Level 1 Identity Verification - KYC related can be found here: How to complete KYC Level 1 Identity Verification

Read entire page upon verifying level 1 identification.

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you’d need to move the coins eventually!

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