Is there a blockchain problem?


A lot of empty blocks, transaction takes more than 24 hours to complete - I don’t spread any FUD ,but we are talking about mass adaption and at the same time we have a slow blockchain.
What is the reason for this problem and how is going to be fixed


I thinks, it’s not normal since ETN become centralized



Exactly I have been talking about the same how can we support global demand since we can’t cope with present very low of use ? :worried:


I’m not a blockchain expert but can not the mining algo be changed so that if you mine an empty block you don’t get any reward?


Yes this needs to be done.


There have been people reporting very slow transaction times and I too have seen the same hopefully we get an update soon.


You see that is what worries me, we too often get technical issues, which points to dev team, I hope we will get some outstanding dev in the project.


Are these the empty blocks people talk about ?
I would also like an official statement for that.

Anyways I dont think this will be hard to fix.


I hope ETN team will come up with solution ASAP,because f2pool with 71.2% hashing power is the biggest tread for our project


Exactly, I hope the team will not ignore it this time.


It’s a little bit concerning that we get no reactions on these topics. A ‘we’re aware and into it, keep you posted’ from the etn team would help. Now it feels like running away.


China cheats and steals in every category of trade. Next they will claim the moon because it’s on their historical maps.


Etn has to kick them out from the network or negotiate with them to lower their hashing power to 50.9%


7 empty blocks in a row…WTF!


I contacted f2pool and this is what they told me:

Dear Mr

For the empty blocks, as we confirmed with the ETN develop team, there’s some issues in ETN’s system and they are dealing with it. Anyway, it will not influence your normal mining so much. Cuz the mining mode of F2Pool is PPS.

For the rate of network hashrate, what we wanna say is , the fluctuation of hashrate rating is considered by numbers of miners , not us.

Besides, F2Pool still and will follow the principle of DECENTRALIZATION, and take measures to reduce our ETN hashrate by raising the mining fees or some other methods if it is necessary, just as we announced what we do when our DCR hashrate goes 60% on several months ago. ( For now, our DCR pool hashrate ranges about 20% of the network hashrate), to prevent the possibility of 51% attack.


What else could they say, simply play innocent and keep going.


would be easy to verify if somebody from the ETN team confirmed/denied it


@Egg Can you confirm this?